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Subtitles >> Dubbing

A quick suggestion for leveling up the enjoyment level of your show consumption:   Use subtitles over Dubbing. If you have not noticed the difference then it’s pretty clear that you were not aware of yourself and your enjoyment during the show.   Dubbing takes away the authenticity of the culture or its true identity. There is no way you could have explored the show if you consume it in your language. Let the subtitles work because it will be just like reading a book, you won’t feel someone spoon-feeding you answers, but you discover the story on your own.   PS: My opinion is don’t decide to watch a show on basis of what awards it had received. It is just a fact that people don’t want to end up giving up time on something pathetic. That ends us in a situation where we see the most famous reality of something and not authentic. Decide on your own, Oscars/Grammys are not the one that decides, the audience is the one who will. 

Offending Vs Stereotypes

Offending (in comedy or some shows too) can open the gates for creativity for sure and that is the reason why censoring doesn’t help but when stereotypes are involved it is way worse if you haven’t thought about the scenario well enough.   Stand-up comedians who can make offending jokes most of the time definitely are using creativity and doing the hard work to bring that creativity and put it on the table for artists. But comedians that joke about stereotypes, you have no reason to ask that your jokes are not given artistic values or sometimes people are censoring your content. Although censoring should not happen to any art, because then it will be projected as discrimination. But there is nothing lost when a stereotype is censored because it is a stereotype, it remains for a long time. When you have a great taste in art/comedy/movies/shows/music/writing/poem you can filter out what actually art is and what was a stereotype. Stereotypes are not actually hard to identify, you can pred