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Emotions: Two different Face

Emotions are like two sides of coins.   i) your emotions ii) other people’s emotions   i) your emotions (gut feelings inside you that are about your points of view): relying on your instincts is actually a really good strategy. Because in order to know whether a thing or statement is true or false or simultaneously both of them existing together, you first need a statement. And that happens when you make an assertion about something, once you have done that you can do research to know whether your theory was right/wrong/both right and wrong. Emotions or the feelings that you experience are actually a good marker to consider while you make an assertion because if you don’t then you just mug up the words (Words coming from the mouth of all other people except you) and accept the reality that people want you to believe in.   ii) other people’s emotions (the feelings that people around you express while interacting with others): always beware of the emotions that you encounter which are