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Wisdom, Wealth, Philosophy

Wisdom has very little to do with wealth. Most of the philosopher's, inventors, scientists whose wisdom are talked about in present time are not someone who came from a desire of accumulating wealth.  Steve Wozniak was not involved in working on Apple because he wants to get huge wealth, even though he knew what he's working on is something worthy enough to be considered.  Sometimes wisdom can also lead to invention, discovery, innovation of something new and truly disrupting.  Bruce lee. Marital arts and philosophy. Kind of ironic right. It's one kind of wisdom. Pythagoras, mathematician and philosopher. Invention. One more term after all these terms (Wisdom, Wealth, philosophy).  That is, curiosity.  Again, curiosity has different ways of defining dependent on the person. One curiosity: wanting and craving to know new more, learn new more, read new more, understand new more.  Second one: executing new more, learn new from that execution more, articulate the new more.  1st