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Entrepreneur vs Artist

Artist and entrepreneur are very different things. Entrepreneur uses a small part of artist/art.   If you are an artist/creative-thinker, then one thing that would help in long run is self awareness, as it enables you to not demotivate/degrade your artistic values.  People have this question, how can we leverage our creativity? Why am I not able to pull it off financially well with such high creativity and artistic taste? Is something wrong with me? A little simple answer is you are not an entrepreneur, quite simple. First of all, Artist/Art/Creativity  ≠ wealth creation. Wealth creation or Entrepreneurship are skills of leveraging good opportunities. Secondly, Its also not the case that Artist/Art/creativity always remain unappreciated or unleveraged.  For that understand this core principle:-  Life/Luck > Talent > Hardwork. Note: Being a Hardworker also is a Talent itself. Forget about the books, research, thesis that people site trying to covey hard work beats talent.  Imagine