Entrepreneur vs Artist

Artist and entrepreneur are very different things. Entrepreneur uses a small part of artist/art.


If you are an artist/creative-thinker, then one thing that would help in long run is self awareness, as it enables you to not demotivate/degrade your artistic values. 

People have this question, how can we leverage our creativity? Why am I not able to pull it off financially well with such high creativity and artistic taste? Is something wrong with me?

A little simple answer is you are not an entrepreneur, quite simple.

First of all,

Artist/Art/Creativity  ≠ wealth creation.

Wealth creation or Entrepreneurship are skills of leveraging good opportunities.


Its also not the case that Artist/Art/creativity always remain unappreciated or unleveraged. 

For that understand this core principle:- 

Life/Luck > Talent > Hardwork.

Note: Being a Hardworker also is a Talent itself.

Forget about the books, research, thesis that people site trying to covey hard work beats talent. 

Imagine, if you as a writer/researcher want to sell your books or thesis more to the world regarding the most important contributing factor of success in any domain being: Talent or Hard work or Luck.

You know what would you try to write in that case.

Back to original topic, artist or creative thinking people do get high leverage of their talent sometimes, but that depends on what resonates more with the consumers. 

Sometimes people assume that the artists or creative thinkers or talented individuals who are not entrepreneurial lacks content or good product or customer empathy. And I want to add something to this :- 

"There is no creative thinker or artist who lacks ideas or content in his mind."

So Despite the abundance of ideas, content, creativity, what is it that is lacking here to monetarily leverage all these things?

Two things to consider here:-

1) entrepreneurs have strong execution than artists. ( I'm talking purely about the leveraging trait of a entrepreneur, not about exact details of each & every entrepreneur)

=> Strong execution helps in building acumen because learning happens simultaneously with your execution.

=>good entrepreneurial mind can actually sell even mediocre products with Good marketing. Because with time you'll improve the product as acumen is getting developed simultaneously. 

Eg:- the film industry business, Marvel is by far one of the most successful show businesses out there.

Their whole strategy is to:- 

deliver great execution in films => earn good revenue => utilize it to increase the production quality => Make even better films using it. 

On the other hand, films that are artistically great but not entrepreneurial will not get much attention because they're more organic (this is not good for high production films, on monetary basis). 

And that is why, marketing expenses of movies sometimes are as big as budget of movie itself. 

2) can you give your all cognitive space to that entrepreneurial spirit? Because marketing also depends on a factor of consistency. 

Eg:- YouTube. 

I would first break a myth and a misinterpreted notion:

People who are new to YouTube space misinterpret the advice about consistency.

Consistency here doesn't mean just your video upload frequency. It means, your content type/niche/topic/video-premise should be consistent too. 

If you upload content about topic A, then all videos upload should have A, A, A, A.... pattern in them. 

Eg:- if you're using trend jacking, you'll have to do it consistently. If you put out controversial content it has to be consistent.

Based on this, you'll have to decide what kind of and what level of my own individual art/personality/professionalism do I have to put and expect returns on them. 

Comedy, tech-reviews, finance, controversial content gets high views than genuine insightful self help content. But again notice that, controversial self help content gets really high views too if its consistent. 

=> You'll have to decide whether you can give your maximum cognitive load to highly entrepreneurial - pure money making goal orientated execution or not for long term. If answer is a no, accept you'll get little less monetary gains or slow monetary success but that is something you can do with more ease. 

Entrepreneurship to a fair degree uses artists/art/creative-thinking as API's. It's a skill of leveraging whatever you have to offer (it doesn't matter whether the world wants it or not, businesses in some cases have the power to convinces a layman that he/she needs what I(as a businesses person) am offering even if they might not be needing it). It's possible that an entrepreneur is an artist, but vice versa is actually rare. 

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