Emotions: Two different Face

Emotions are like two sides of coins.   i) your emotions ii) other people’s emotions   i) your emotions (gut feelings inside you that are about your point of view): relying on your instincts is actually a really good strategy. Because in order to know whether a thing or statement is true or false or simultaneously both of them existing together, you first need a statement. And that happens when you make an assertion about something, once you have done that you can do research to know whether your theory was right/wrong/both right and wrong. Emotions or the feelings that you experience are actually a good marker to consider while you make an assertion because if you don’t then you just mug up the words (Words coming from the mouth of all other people except you) and accept the reality that people want you to believe in.   ii) other people’s emotions (the feelings that people around you express while interactions they do): always beware of the emotions that you encounter which are not

Escape for writers. Unnecessary humour/Marvel

Story writing needs a lot of precision and intellect to realize the intelligence of readers/viewers. Don’t let the dialogues make the medium or the bridge that will tell the audience what is going on, let the story happen to the characters, and people will follow and deduct the situations on their own observation skills.   Marvel is not something that comes under great storytelling, it is a great thing that raised the bar of the superhero genre, but it still is not in the game of powerful storytelling. The American superhero genre has been pushing itself towards a place where creating the hype of a show is done heavily, and they are getting more monetary returns from that. But people do realize the hype. People are not stupid, the thing that marketing people know is that trigger in the mass, when most people around you say XYZ thing is great and you disagree, you doubt your opinion until and unless you have nurtured the habit of deducting and thinking with proper discipline.   Yes, th

Had a good Sleep?

How strange it seemed when I was told that if you don't dream while sleeping and can go to bed and get a peaceful sleep easily without any problem it may be because you are tired? and that maybe is a good marker to consider as you did hard work today, and as you didn't hold back to work hard you are getting a nice peaceful sleep. On the contrary, you can consider that one of the reasons to not have a good sleep is maybe laziness. either physical laziness or mental laziness or maybe both.  Most of the time if you do not have a job/work-to-do as a person who is required to work hard physically, you can consider your mental work as a marker as to when you don't have a good sleep it maybe means you have not worked hard enough that you could get tired by the end of the night. Even though I never understand what type of relation dreams had with a tight sleep, but never minded as it was something that made a little sense to realize that "You may have not worked hard enough to

Problem Solving. [Solomon's paradox]

Should you suggest, provided you don’t know much about the thing?   The answer is not a unidimensional or a binary but it lies in a spectrum of your self-awareness and also with your observation skills. Now, there is something that you don’t have to give advice on that is the medical field or something like that because there are experts who have done their study and research who are far better than you, also there is something called a totally naïve person giving advice or you can say Dunning Kruger effect.   So, understand Solomon’s paradox. The person who can give very wise advice to others but is certainly unable to incorporate in himself/herself. Now, the truth is we all humans at some level come into the category of this phenomenon. The reason we can give very good or practical solutions to someone about a problem they are facing which is one of the problems that we too face in real life is because when we see problems objectively, we  actually   come up with good solutions. Now

Subtitles >> Dubbing

A quick suggestion for leveling up the enjoyment level of your show consumption:   Use subtitles over Dubbing. If you have not noticed the difference then it’s pretty clear that you were not aware of yourself and your enjoyment during the show.   Dubbing takes away the authenticity of the culture or its true identity. There is no way you could have explored the show if you consume it in your language. Let the subtitles work because it will be just like reading a book, you won’t feel someone spoon-feeding you answers, but you discover the story on your own.   PS: My opinion is don’t decide to watch a show on basis of what awards it had received. It is just a fact that people don’t want to end up giving up time on something pathetic. That ends us in a situation where we see the most famous reality of something and not authentic. Decide on your own, Oscars/Grammys are not the one that decides, the audience is the one who will. 

Offending Vs Stereotypes

Offending (in comedy or some shows too) can open the gates for creativity for sure and that is the reason why censoring doesn’t help but when stereotypes are involved it is way worse if you haven’t thought about the scenario well enough.   Stand-up comedians who can make offending jokes most of the time definitely are using creativity and doing the hard work to bring that creativity and put it on the table for artists. But comedians that joke about stereotypes, you have no reason to ask that your jokes are not given artistic values or sometimes people are censoring your content. Although censoring should not happen to any art, because then it will be projected as discrimination. But there is nothing lost when a stereotype is censored because it is a stereotype, it remains for a long time. When you have a great taste in art/comedy/movies/shows/music/writing/poem you can filter out what actually art is and what was a stereotype. Stereotypes are not actually hard to identify, you can pred

Limits. (WORDLE)

Infinity is a great idea to talk about and discuss only if you are doing the math. Everything else in the world and your life has limits and it is interesting. It gives a sense of awareness to us about the edges we can reach and once we do we can have new limits.   When there is a limit to using Wordle and also it is something you can share with the world, it makes it something interesting for people. The real problem arrives when you think of leveraging the idea.   Josh Wardle made it as a side gig or you can call it as a project for the amusement of a small community (precisely very small: only his friends and him) and it got picked up by a few tech bloggers and the idea spread. The crux of the situation tells us the idea behind it was not around leveraging or some kind of business, and so when the New York Times buys the thing, the question is: How is it going to help you(them) earn? It may be widely popular but Are people going to pay if one day you announce that it is no longer f

PERSONALITY dependent consumption and creation

Most of the time the self-help we consume teaches us that self-help is a dumb argument, start doing your own work. It is ironic in itself. News-paper outsell Books, and Books outsell Research papers, and research papers outsell harsh truth-speaking people who are really real.   Even if you are reading this blog or any such article which seems interesting to you is contradicting itself by saying stop self-help thing. Because this too is the same. It depends on you, whether give up reading things that you do not really need, and focus on your own shit. It depends on you, that if after reading this or any such article you do not consume and rather focus on your own things.   The argument that Seth Godin gave us after writing All Marketers are Liars/Tell Stories. The thing is, in a way we can say that it tells, there is no truth, there is a story which when resonates with people that we want to seek, we can become great in businesses and spreading ideas. In this way, it also means that Th

Why not criticize?

The thing about youtube or any other platform (exclude US at least in some cases): there is this thing not happening which is “People don’t talk” (Not that talk talk thing, but discussion, the debate, the counter opinions). It is just like, everyone just like broadcasts their ideas, and this is it. It is broadcasted and there is nothing like a scientific tradition which is peer review happening. Where is the review, the questioning to those ideas, the debate or discussion?   So, what is actually happening here? There definitely must be people who would disagree with the arguments that are broadcasted, and it is completely a thing because they are in the right to do so because everyone has their own life, experiences, and points of view. But the beauty arrives when you serve all different points of view on the table that may be contradicting too with each other but even then, it is a great thing to do. The coexistence of ideas on the table will bring intellectual growth to the community

Dominating character

Most of the time the leader is not the one you/employees/people/voters think of someone to be the one, but the leader position, in reality, is taken by the person you do not like much, at least that is what we can say as per our understanding. Because there is no natural funnel way to reach the top, you don’t reach there somehow automatically because you are good at that work for the position. You have to snatch it away from every possible person, To snatch, you need a drive, motivation, motivation that “I want to be at the TOP” . Virtuous or Fair hardly becomes or reaches the top position. That is the reason charisma influence decisions. We do not get fair or virtuous or generous at the top position, people possessing charisma or greed for power are the ones who get it. Power, It is an ecstatic orgasmic feeling when you have power.   We do not love noble or virtuous characters; We love dominating characters. Sherlock Holmes is a dominating character, sherlock loves to bitch about or o

Lets talk about "Attack on Titan"

Let’s just ask, all of you people reading this whether you have watched this show or not. Now, this is my personal opinion that every single person that I could reach out to (not saying 7 billion people on the planet, I wish they all did) should watch it. Also, I desire schools to make kids watch it.   Yeah! I would seriously say so. Now, why?   “Attack on Titan,” I think covers personality building, critical thinking, and literally every aspect of life. Now one thing I would like to say the reason I mentioned personality is because it greatly concerns some big things inside you, some of which are empathy and compassion (not the way that your cool or most admired entrepreneurs, celebrities, speakers, NGOs, etc. like to represent).   Empathy and compassion are two really strong things that decide what type of human you are, so if they are more in your personality you appear very different to others, and if they are less in your personality you again appear different to others. So, even

SUFFER or Become rational to benefit yourself.

Innocence and naivety-type behavior possessing people will have to suffer in life for sure. Never become a naive innocent person. If you are, work on it, train yourself to question things instead of blindly accepting them. Be skeptical towards things, parents, friends, teachers, siblings, your Juniors, YouTubers, entrepreneurs, billionaires, Motivational speakers, president, lawyers, books or newspaper column writers, everyone.   It is just a childish thing to have desire or daydream about possessing childish behavior and consider it a cute and amazing thing that looks so happy and full of life type thing.   But the reality is that you are not a kid anymore, you are now a teenager or adult.   How to identify loyal people?   By not trusting anybody blindly. By collecting data about, and noticing what different people's limits are. By accepting the fact that there is no one completely good or bad. By accepting the fact that, under given circumstances, people may find reasons and ju

The Sad Side of Market, And the reality of the parameters deciding who shall be the winner.

The thing about marketing or our choices is so weird for us to understand that our choices are not decided because of the word-of-mouth marketing but it happens by status. Wait! But does status not come from word-of-mouth marketing itself? The answer is NO. Status mostly does not come from word-of-mouth marketing, it mostly comes from oversimplification, desire for more, narcissism that can have a wide range, etc.   Think about a fiction you suggested to your friends but they didn’t try it out. And for now, again, think about the same scenario but change a little situation here by quantity, i.e., Not just you but more than 50% of people around your friends are talking about and suggesting the same fiction. There is a high probability that your friend will pick that fiction. You do not pick Harry potter just because your 1/2/3/4 friends suggested you, but you picked it because the majority of your friends were talking and suggesting about it.   So a little sad thing about the market is

Who shall implement? Who shall decide how to implement?

Deciding who will come up with a better implementation idea?   Of course, there definitely will be exceptional cases, we do not want the army/military to take any risk out of curiosity to lead (They shall not and we hope they do not), authority and control are necessary when management is in the picture. We need both leaders and managers, leaders to take a risk and think about vision, and managers for not taking risks and work for leveling up the efficiency.   The system (of implementation) does not need to make sense, to the authority. But it should make sense for the end workers (Implementers).   Dabbawalas submit an accuracy of 99.99% because for the organization the methods Dabbawalas utilize make sense for Dabbawalas, it may be a complex thing for the authority at the higher end to understand their (Dabbawalas) methods but that's what organizations (Not all organizations, but definitely some who need it) should figure out actually because the implementation is not done by au


An innumerable amount of content creators/entrepreneurs/businessmen/motivational-speakers try and do level best to teach you a highly generic thing i.e., Ego is the problem, Ego is toxic, Ego is our enemy, Ego possessing leaders never win, Ego possessing companies do not win, etc.   The irony here is most of these people forgot that there are a bunch of companies/leaders/organizations that are earning a huge chunk of money even if they are not organizations that are scammers. Many of them are so big that no one can actually speak against them on the internet, if you do internet itself will demonetize you.   You got to understand that almost every YouTuber/businessman/motivation-giving guy, uses these sentences: “If you want to change your life/mental-health/profession/business follow-me/watch my video/read-my-blog/subscribe my newsletter” , these whole arguments are based on narcissist tendencies. “My product is best for you”, “I need your help to make change happen, and that happens

Understanding Over Intelligence

You can be excellent in making a great career, intelligence (besides the fact there are multiple types of intelligence). Understanding communicates more than your intelligence. Intelligence works to give status to who you professionally are, but rarely does it help you engage with your people. That is what our parents have neglected more often. Once they realize they have the intelligence they for sure try to think they are awesome in parenting, but it is not. Even if you fail to have an excellent career, you can become a good parent, provided the fact that you have understanding.   When you already have an understanding, your persona is no longer connected to an ego that tries to convince the kids that they must look up to you for grading them, and they (kids) can themselves derive their own means to grade themselves. Now the kid no longer believes that you are the only person who knows things better, there is a probability they would question things instead of following your advice w

Lack of Knowledge

One of the reasons that wealth management researches tell us why the middle class remains a middle class? is because the middle class operates or implements on Fear itself. Fear of unawareness, Lack of knowledge about wealth management.   But, the actual wealth management does not stop at Unawareness/lack of knowledge about wealth management or anything. The fear is marketed or nurtured so powerful to the kids. You are actually taught or a better word is threatened by your own parents/elders/colleagues or fear is nurtured by your own people to you. The ones (the people) who lack knowledge of wealth management. What they rather should have done is to tell you “We lack the knowledge about this thing, but maybe we want you to gain knowledge about it and learn or maybe take the authentic courses, we encourage you to know something we didn’t and maybe after that we can think about implementing that knowledge”.   This is actually a bit of better advice, accepting what we lack and saying to o

1000Truefans is subjective too. (The mass market also works)

It is better to do all the homework about the task you are going to execute in front of an audience or before putting it out on the internet. Although, you indeed have to start and let go of perfectionism, But there is a difference between progressing and perfectionism.   The more powerful your first impression is, the more you will be able to send the art/business/idea/painting/music/novel, etc. to the audience that is fascinated about it.     While you are working small to improvise your art so that you can actually make a powerful first impression, also it is better to notice what is going outside and what is the progress of others involved in the same field you are in.   Everyone will start, un-experienced of course, but when you want to make a really powerful first impression, better play it to the small audience while you are making progress to make it strong enough to make a strong first impression to an audience that is bigger than the original one that you performed at the st


Social media understands the concept of people’s feelings. It also knows clearly that people like points, likes, comments, and things that feel like popularity. Social media companies have kept that algorithm for profit. The profit comes from engagement, and engagement comes from rewarding outrage. Outrage means more traffic and more masses.   Like there is a winner in a game, they have created this stage for people to play where you win by being notorious/outrageous. But that is not how the real world actually works.   The people who are successful/happy in your industry/community/tribes/groups are not and never act like the way influencers on social media do. In actual reality, these influencers have given lesser time in knowledge/studies than the time Greta Thunberg has given in attending school. The majority of influencers available, hardly have any potential to talk about things, which are based on facts/logic/thinking. Think about it, your HR or your company is not rewarding the

Something for Contradicting myself.

Violence never was ostracized from our world’s culture. In history we see, the kings were violent, but the King never tried to comply or try to have a peace treaty because the kings in those days knew that if they give a reply to a proposal for peace, his people would doubt his power, intelligence, leadership, etc.   Psychological morale was a great thing to not forget about during those days. Movies may show/teach us good kings tried to accept proposals for peace or they care about the lives of people in the army, but the actual objectivity tells us that most of the kings used torture, war, massacre’s, bloodshed to bring down the psychological morale of the enemies and elevate it for his own army and people.    How can we say that racism was there in the king’s rule? Because, what we must realize is, there were no census or data about what population is major or minor.   King’s use the situation as they have the incentive to use the religious language, which means that according to t

Vibrant Persona’s hardly say anything.

A vibrant persona that is built around something, does not make it easy for people to have a skeptical/negative point of view and give balanced feedback of what they think about?    It is obvious that people around the world know that there is no scarcity of scammers and fake people/ideas. Yet, we do not see any proper criticism of those ideas/people, which is constructive in a way that is necessary to stop the amplification of such ideas/people.   An innumerable amount of motivational (an industry that is filled with money and greedy plus immature people) speakers are available, yet people still cannot bring in an idea that “If depressed, if lonely, if having an anxiety, a counselor is better options than an un-educated immature motivational speaker who has solutions about things that were not even asked for.”   The one thing that every last person on the earth is good at, is their own feelings. Every one of us knows, how to play the tic tac toe game online. But, very few of us kno

Confusion/hype around “Nice to have” and “Needed to have” things. (Hype on Meta)

The things that seem will become successful in the future do not present the fact that they are remarkable or utilitarian or as great as they are represented.   People so much hyped about Facebook named meta and the new face of the industry in this market shall rise, must realize that people who you saw who are optimistic are not the consumers of meta/Facebook/any-such new technology, they are content creators, businessmen, and investors.   First thing, Warren Buffet investing in Coco-Cola does not signify he appreciates the product. It only signifies the product is addictive and people won't hold back to using it and so there's an opportunity that may help him as an individual and can make utility out of it for him.   Second thing: Mark Zuckerberg, Gary Vaynerchuck, etc. who you see are optimistic about meta and other such technologies coming out, does not signify that these services are remarkable or utilitarian to the consumers. They are giving opinions from their point of

Capitalism, Charging more than the utility, Narcissism.

One of a lot of things that US is pathetic at is medical bills and charging more than real utility.   The capitalism and the people who brag about a full capitalistic society is more efficient and better than socialism, liberalism, etc. does not realize that: The bill that you pay for medical facility is US is almost as expensive as of a net worth of a person (and lot of people’s net worth will be equal to the bill they will have after a critical surgery or a medical procedure "in US") in the Country itself.   The thing is Government at some level should and must interfere, because if they don’t the human is such a disgusting creature that it won’t hold back anything to take money out of the others. Just like Byju’s has done these things in Ed-tech sector. (it is an organization which has done nothing more than scams and shown the face of evil marketing)   Imagining, you went to the hospital, where everyone there involved in making money right from the bed you use there to

What jokes or memes do we support/allow?

Jokes/memes/stand-up all are one of the ways people express their thoughts. But there is one thing we miss about humor/comedy and that is, it represents the reality of past and present observed by people who share and create it. The memes and jokes show you reality that’s why you laugh at it, because it is a reality shared by all of us.   When you’ll censor and go against religious/cultural humors, the question that these people didn’t ask is: what makes you think it was done on purpose? How you come to this that it mocks your community and at the end what is in it for you? The obvious question people never answer correctly is, “if they have a short temper to take those jokes, why should we tolerate?”   The answer is: either you choose to become someone like them OR you become someone who can say that we don’t do things like that and represent your community in respective ways.   The humor is also one of the things that keeps the story of the topic around for a long time which is sim