It's all Plagiarised (& our delusion)

 It is arrogance Or there's an ulterior motive behind saying or showing the world that "this idea belongs to me".  Most of ideas are not yours. 1000s of years have passed and countless deep thinkers, philosophers, writers have lived life on this planet giving their wisdom which by now is in its most polished form available to you.  What you lack is realizations to understand them. That's it.  It's in a way very arrogant or manipulative (if you've an ulterior motive) to say: "I have great wisdom, how amazing am I, I thought about this beautiful idea, maybe no one ever thought about this ever..." As you can see, it's highly ego centric. Having being someone who gained wisdom is not something you think of as a source of your ego feeding machine, rather its an opportunity to be more generous enough to say "I am not different from 1000s of beings, my knowledge and success has countless variables of serendipity attached to it rather than my hard w

Entrepreneur vs Artist

Artist and entrepreneur are very different things. Entrepreneur uses a small part of artist/art.   If you are an artist/creative-thinker, then one thing that would help in long run is self awareness, as it enables you to not demotivate/degrade your artistic values.  People have this question, how can we leverage our creativity? Why am I not able to pull it off financially well with such high creativity and artistic taste? Is something wrong with me? A little simple answer is you are not an entrepreneur, quite simple. First of all, Artist/Art/Creativity  ≠ wealth creation. Wealth creation or Entrepreneurship are skills of leveraging good opportunities. Secondly, Its also not the case that Artist/Art/creativity always remain unappreciated or unleveraged.  For that understand this core principle:-  Life/Luck > Talent > Hardwork. Note: Being a Hardworker also is a Talent itself. Forget about the books, research, thesis that people site trying to covey hard work beats talent.  Imagine

Don't glorify struggle.

Don't become what philosopher's ask you to become, don't become Rich, successful, philosopher, artist, or anything because you just want that. Become what you like, but by carrying out what is it that you believe and find yourself to be satisfied with by carrying out duties in those directions and not thinking about results. Plato made some arrangements for rescuing Socrates from prison and requested Socrates to run away from Athens as people of Athens don't deserve his ideas, intellect, and knowledge. Socrates on the other hand decided to not let his ideas die by running, instead chose to let himself accept the death rather than his ideas. People who ostracized Socrates and rejected his ideas are stupid.  Well, people who glorify Socrates too are no more than stupid. Socrates choose death, but it doesn't mean you or anyone having intellect like his too shall have to choose death/hate/rejection(from society)just to be recognized as an intellectual or a contributor,

Wisdom, Wealth, Philosophy

Wisdom has very little to do with wealth. Most of the philosopher's, inventors, scientists whose wisdom are talked about in present time are not someone who came from a desire of accumulating wealth.  Steve Wozniak was not involved in working on Apple because he wants to get huge wealth, even though he knew what he's working on is something worthy enough to be considered.  Sometimes wisdom can also lead to invention, discovery, innovation of something new and truly disrupting.  Bruce lee. Marital arts and philosophy. Kind of ironic right. It's one kind of wisdom. Pythagoras, mathematician and philosopher. Invention. One more term after all these terms (Wisdom, Wealth, philosophy).  That is, curiosity.  Again, curiosity has different ways of defining dependent on the person. One curiosity: wanting and craving to know new more, learn new more, read new more, understand new more.  Second one: executing new more, learn new from that execution more, articulate the new more.  1st

Arrogant AI ?

 Our survival instinct always has helped us survive through rough times throughout human history. And so it is quite obvious that we like confidence, we appreciate confidence than any other characteristics of human when the choices are around taking risks, betting, hiring, etc. The right way to describe such behaviour of humans towards confidence would be "humans get influenced by confidence easily and willingly get sold out to someone who assures us a guarantee or an immutable truth."  You know it well that google doesn't give you the answer you are looking for or gives you the exact answer that you want, it just sells you it's confidence like if it is like an actual human having characteristics of arrogance, but remember AI is not human. It's a code written by a human, and when we sell confidence it surely influences a big number of people because people are not confident on themselves. That is also a reason when you look at chatGPT a tool that answers your ques

Emotions: Two different Face

Emotions are like two sides of coins.   i) your emotions ii) other people’s emotions   i) your emotions (gut feelings inside you that are about your points of view): relying on your instincts is actually a really good strategy. Because in order to know whether a thing or statement is true or false or simultaneously both of them existing together, you first need a statement. And that happens when you make an assertion about something, once you have done that you can do research to know whether your theory was right/wrong/both right and wrong. Emotions or the feelings that you experience are actually a good marker to consider while you make an assertion because if you don’t then you just mug up the words (Words coming from the mouth of all other people except you) and accept the reality that people want you to believe in.   ii) other people’s emotions (the feelings that people around you express while interacting with others): always beware of the emotions that you encounter which are

Escape for writers. Unnecessary humour/Marvel

Story writing needs a lot of precision and intellect to realize the intelligence of readers/viewers. Don’t let the dialogues make the medium or the bridge that will tell the audience what is going on, let the story happen to the characters, and people will follow and deduct the situations on their own observation skills.   Marvel is not something that comes under great storytelling, it is a great thing that raised the bar of the superhero genre, but it still is not in the game of powerful storytelling. The American superhero genre has been pushing itself towards a place where creating the hype of a show is done heavily, and they are getting more monetary returns from that. But people do realize the hype. People are not stupid, the thing that marketing people know is that trigger in the mass, when most people around you say XYZ thing is great and you disagree, you doubt your opinion until and unless you have nurtured the habit of deducting and thinking with proper discipline.   Yes, th

Had a good Sleep?

How strange it seemed when I was told that if you don't dream while sleeping and can go to bed and get a peaceful sleep easily without any problem it may be because you are tired? and that maybe is a good marker to consider as you did hard work today, and as you didn't hold back to work hard you are getting a nice peaceful sleep. On the contrary, you can consider that one of the reasons to not have a good sleep is maybe laziness. either physical laziness or mental laziness or maybe both.  Most of the time if you do not have a job/work-to-do as a person who is required to work hard physically, you can consider your mental work as a marker as to when you don't have a good sleep it maybe means you have not worked hard enough that you could get tired by the end of the night. Even though I never understand what type of relation dreams had with a sound sleep, but never minded as it was something that made a little sense to realize that "You may have not worked hard enough to

Problem Solving. [Solomon's paradox]

Should you suggest, provided you don’t know much about the thing?   The answer is not a unidimensional or a binary but it lies in a spectrum of your self-awareness and also with your observation skills. Now, there is something that you don’t have to give advice on that is the medical field or something like that because there are experts who have done their study and research who are far better than you, also there is something called a totally naïve person giving advice or you can say Dunning Kruger effect.   So, understand Solomon’s paradox. The person who can give very wise advice to others but is certainly unable to incorporate in himself/herself. Now, the truth is we all humans at some level come into the category of this phenomenon. The reason we can give very good or practical solutions to someone about a problem they are facing which is one of the problems that we too face in real life is because when we see problems objectively, we  actually   come up with good solutions. Now

Subtitles >> Dubbing

A quick suggestion for leveling up the enjoyment level of your show consumption:   Use subtitles over Dubbing. If you have not noticed the difference then it’s pretty clear that you were not aware of yourself and your enjoyment during the show.   Dubbing takes away the authenticity of the culture or its true identity. There is no way you could have explored the show if you consume it in your language. Let the subtitles work because it will be just like reading a book, you won’t feel someone spoon-feeding you answers, but you discover the story on your own.   PS: My opinion is don’t decide to watch a show on basis of what awards it had received. It is just a fact that people don’t want to end up giving up time on something pathetic. That ends us in a situation where we see the most famous reality of something and not authentic. Decide on your own, Oscars/Grammys are not the one that decides, the audience is the one who will. 

Dominating character

Most of the time the leader is not the one you/employees/people/voters think of someone to be the one, but the leader position, in reality, is taken by the person you do not like much, at least that is what we can say as per our understanding. Because there is no natural funnel or a way to reach the top, you don’t reach there somehow automatically because you are good at that work for the position. You have to snatch it away from every possible person, To snatch, you need a drive, motivation, motivation that “I want to be at the TOP” . Virtuous or Fair hardly becomes or reaches the top position. That is the reason charisma influence decisions. We do not get fair or virtuous or generous at the top position, people possessing charisma or greed for power are the ones who get it. Power, It is an ecstatic orgasmic feeling when you have power.   We do not love noble or virtuous characters; We love dominating characters. Sherlock Holmes is a dominating character, sherlock loves to bitch about

Lets talk about "Attack on Titan"

Let’s just ask, all of you people reading this whether you have watched this show or not. Now, this is my personal opinion that every single person that I could reach out to (not saying 7 billion people on the planet, I wish they all did) should watch it. Also, I desire schools to make kids watch it.   Yeah! I would seriously say so. why?   “Attack on Titan,” I think covers personality building, critical thinking, and literally every aspect of life. Now one thing I would like to say the reason I mentioned personality is because it greatly concerns some big things inside you, some of which are empathy and compassion (not the way that your cool or most admired entrepreneurs, celebrities, speakers, NGOs, etc. likes to represent).   Empathy and compassion are two really strong things that decide what type of human you are, so if they are more in your personality you appear very different to others, and if they are less in your personality you again appear different to others. So, even thou

Who shall implement? Who shall decide how to implement?

Deciding who will come up with a better implementation idea?   Of course, there definitely will be exceptional cases, we do not want the army/military to take any risk out of curiosity to lead (They shall not and we hope they don't), authority and control are necessary when management is in the picture. We need both leaders and managers, leaders to take a risk and think about vision, and managers for not taking risks and work for leveling up the efficiency.   The system (of implementation) does not need to make sense, to the authority. But it should make sense for the end workers (Implementers).   Dabbawalas submit an accuracy of 99.99% because for the organization the methods Dabbawalas utilize make sense for Dabbawalas, it may be a complex thing for the authority at the higher end to understand their (Dabbawalas) methods but that's what organizations (Not all organizations, but definitely some who need it) should figure out actually because the implementation is not done by

Hate that ringtone. Better text it. (Basecamp or Gmail)

In era of internet where your decision needs to be precise and also people around having less time to pay attention to, we would ignore most of unnecessary interactions. The obvious thing we do is ignore. Don't feel that you're ignorant it's a good decision to not give your attention and trust to short sighted, unnecessary shit things that claim they deserve your attention.    Most of the interactions we like to do is through text and not a call. Because you know you hate to pick that phone and will have to pour your time and energy specifically to someone who you may not regard as of much importance to the subject.   Spamming is available in both, calls & texts. But the reason spammers love text is because they can know text delivers your message & if the person is disappointed, he/she won't revert back and they(spammers) mostly are expecting the same to happen. They can elongate the list of people they interrupted no matter how much ROI they got. It's goo

Policy’s & rules

The minute something goes wrong, what is it that we do?   Mostly, people create policies that no one will get benefit from.   “The students of schools/universities are cheating and are not employable” problem arrived. What we do? We create policies/rules. The rule is if you cheat, you’ll not be given chance or we’ll make the punishments even more severe or annihilating so kids will not copy and will study. Really! do you think it really solves the problem?   "The employees are not taking responsibility" , Let’s create policy. Employees shall not take help from other outer sources to finish their job, threaten them with some rules or a deal i.e. if you don't do that we'll not consider you in XYZ things and not provide proper benefits to you. Again a pathetic idea.   This is not solving a problem, it is bureaucracy. What would these things lead to? Think your own way, will kids start learning or will they try to find a way they can pass the test?   What companies

Trust earning, time & feedback.

It takes 15-20 years for Netflix to earn trust and more specifically to make people understand what is really coming and what change is going to come?   It is easy for people to discuss the success or tell what Netflix is doing in amazing ways, but the hard thing is to acknowledge the fact what hardship (meeting the deadlines, coping up with things that are needed to be done with time, etc.) or what it took for Netflix to become what it wanted to or what it is now?   Building trust and willingness to do work requires time-specific deadlines to show up the work and make it consistent for seeing where the progress really is?   Kids who take tuitions even though having schools don’t take it just bcoz tuition will make them understand things better, but it will ask you to do things in deadlines too.   Now, does school doesn’t have deadlines? Yes, they do have deadlines, but the deadlines will be of no use if you can’t track the real progress.   Kids know two things (1) School teachers/pro

What famous costs, ...... (“One direction” is an example)

There is no single one-sided binary answer.   All of us have this want to become famous or known at a young age for particular things which we can show the world that “I made this.”   This want is not evil or some bad thing, it is just or craving for things that we don’t understand. The thing is we try to get things which we don’t have much idea about and we also want it all at once.   What is the difference between a person who becomes known in a community bit by bit one step at a time & a person who becomes an overnight sensation?   Like, you put a song on the internet it gets tons of likes and makes you famous, But you’re a teenager who has no idea of how things around us work?   Mostly, every one, one of us can’t figure out what we are interested in what our priorities are what we really expect of ourselves and others, it is actually narcissism that takes over when we become famous, it is a thing to think about because you have to make a decision whether you’ll try to enhance

Gossip is great.

Gossip seems low or mediocre or low-status word for some people, Is it really?   We are Rich, we don't gossip We are intellectuals, we don't gossip. We are progress-making students, we don't gossip. We are recruiters, we don't gossip. We are a group of special achievers or achiever communities, we don’t gossip.   This is nothing more than narcissistic characteristics to tell yourself.   Every one of us gossip, don't you like to talk to your parents/partner/siblings/friends and gossip about things randomly. The reality is, it is about the right conversations with the right people, but Gossip is random it does not follow rules that’s why it’s gossip. If you can’t gossip openly with your friends (or anyone), they are not much human in your relationship and make sure you find the ones who are more human for you.   If you are happy, you don't ask yourself that, am I happy?   Don't act like you are a genius who doesn't gossip and talk only about producti

Who is your marketer? (Or is it you)

It is a controversial thing to say but it carries truth and that is the term or the position marketer of the organization is not a good thing to consider, As every person working in the community is a marketer: a representor of their community.    Yes, we are all marketers. And it is not evil or selfish.   It seems or looks selfish bcoz for years there were an innumerable amount of people who were short-sighted, greedy, interrupted & irritated everyone for the attention.   So because of such few people, marketing word had got this bad reputation.   The truth is Marketer of our organization is an easy way to point fingers and blame someone from an organization that failed to deliver any good returns in terms of publicity or marketing.   Think about it again, when your publicity or marketing suffers, who do you point out? Who do you blame? To whom do you say that, if you don't deliver profits, we'll fire you?   Remember it's not always the marketer's fault cause sh

Is worrying useful, if it is when should you start to worry?

You are worried about the results of your test/ interview/ about whether your publisher is going to accept and publish your manuscript etc. and whatever you can relate to.   So how long before should you start worrying? This is may seem controversial, But The answer is, “you should never start worrying ”, it’s bad advice to worry about something.   Worrying doesn’t change output or present process. Also, it ruins what useful things you may be doing that day, it’ll distract you. And every time you’ve fooled and tricked your own self by putting yourself into thinking that it is useful or it cannot be avoided or it can be used as a fuel, but it is not. Believe it or not, accepting this fact is easy, but executing this is even harder. Even though I am writing this, I know at least that I too worry and it is of no use, but understanding it deeply requires consistent acknowledgment to yourself about what you are doing worrying comes into the picture.   Because if you’ve started worrying, No

Simple, Yet Efficient. (George Orwell)

George Orwell has something to say, which are not just applicable to writers but it applies to a lot of fields: 1. Never use passive, when you can use active. 2. Never use a long word if short is possible. 3. Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, jargon if you can use everyday English words. 4. Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figures of speech that you are used to seeing in print. 5. If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out. 6. Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.   What is he trying to tell? It is simple, Always keep things simple to deliver what you exactly wanna say. Bcoz if you are not doing it, it means you are intentionally hiding. Hiding from wanting to be noticed and perceived as exactly as what you spoke/write about.   If you are not willing to take criticism or review, just don’t say/write anything. But if the goal is to communicate for real, say it clearly without fear. That is a reason Kafka didn’t want to pu

My most popular blog posts

…Are not my best blogs.   As you may notice every week/month/year the best music albums recorded or the best comic written or best movies, change. Similarly, ‘the best posts are rarely the posts that were read by most people’.   This means when you need to keep track of your best art delivered, you have to let go of the distractions of market judging whether you made it good or bad. As no-one knows your story completely and will never know even if you showcase your whole life, your story is never completely reveled.   I am working on it to deliver the posts that are best (it may not be best for audience, and I am OK with it, it may happen that out of 1000s of blog which I would write, only 2 blog may help you, & that’s OK) and let it be there on internet. Even if no-one reads it, I have an evidence that I can say in future that “I said this. I teached this. I predicted this.”     Sorry for wait, but it’s hard you have other works to do, but writing everyday is really a privilege.

A humble request to all the generous Readers

  I know that the mail subscription service of this blogs are not working from a long time. If you had already subscribed to this blogs you may be getting mails, but I know right now any new readers are not able to subscribe bcoz the subscription service has stopped it's service for a very long time. I am trying to figure out another way to solve it, but I already have one alternative solution to this which I described in my blog previously that You can use my twitter account (Twitter account: @Jimee_himself   ) to get links of daily blogs, until I find some permanent solution of this problem or use a new service, But twitter is a great idea or you can bookmark this website, it’s pretty simple.   Thanks for all your patience and generosity to read all these blogs. I appreciate it.  

Hammer Hammer Hammer

So we know the saying about hammers. A person with hammer, every problem seems nail to him. So if it’s true what type of hammer are we?   A patient has got severe back pain. One Study showed that surgeons prescribed surgery, therapist suggested therapy is necessary, acupuncture obviously got with the needle. So in the entire ecosystem, the solution to the problem was not driven by what is background of problems, but was driven by the background of solver (here: Doctor)   Does it really work? No.   A counselor cannot say to one of his patient that there was another patient facing the same problem, so if he can overcome it why not you. Counselor never say that bcoz they must know the fact that not every similar problem has same background.   Sadly, most organization are not doing it right bcoz they use wrong hammer even though knowing the fact that market is in phase of changing, they then can’t figure out why are they failing. They keep using same hammer until they had a huge hit, a

Comfort zone and Safe zone.

Comfort zone & safe zone are two different things   If you close your doors & windows and boundaries around you or your home, you feel comfortable as well as safe too.   Bcoz you don't worry about some burglar; as you're safe.     When comfort & safe zones are in same place at a time, you're in a great place. Congratulations.   But if your comfort zone & safety zone are different i.e. they are not together, you need to worry Bcoz now you're not safe, in comfort zone. If you know about your team or organization or your boss himself, is not doing productive things or is not doing what matters and you know we're not in safe zone, you need to do something about it bcoz you're not safe, and these continuous denied unproductive actions will cost you when the organization collapse or your boss has nothing to say and offer but put the shutter down. It’s a myth that one wrong decision causes an organization to collapse or gets it annihilated. It’s wrong

How amazon changed and how others got influenced?

The reason how timing and conditions decide is best explained by examples of amazon’s kindle.   Think about it before kindle JK Rowling's Harry Potter would flourish bcoz when you're kid in that time and enter the book store to buy the book, the book seller would tell you this (Harry Potter) is good, it's new version has arrived. You could purchase it now. And that's what people did, bought the book and that's how it helped JK Rowling to come forward.   Now again after amazon kindle the book or the series that went flourishing like Harry Potter was the Fifty Shades of Grey, but the reason for it’s flourishment is totally opposite of what made Harry Potter famous. It's the amazon Kindle. Bcoz you don't want your parents or siblings or friends or cousins to know that you've the book. But you knew you could read it without anyone knowing on your amazon Kindle. That's what changes the situation.   Before amazon Kindle “Harry Potter” wins bcoz of the a

Why write a Blog?

1) Why I do blogging To know how much diverse, I can think upon and tell these things to point them out to people, it's needed to be done bcoz to know how much I can give except just reading books and making career.   2) What problem are you solving? To make people enlight about some facts that our parents & environment fails to teach. We have a lot of garbage filled in our head bcoz of this noisy social media and un-needed suggestions given by our near ones. Also important to note you need to work and start to know what experience teaches you. I got a reply from a person whom even I don't know but he commented and appreciated my work. That's why it may matter. Maybe it could have been already done by someone else but in noisy world you can't quit just bcoz someone else is doing the same. You've your own story to tell.   3) Is this actually useful? It depends on how people perceive it, my work is to ship this art or work of how to think, it's my work to

Can you use Ego to succeed?

1st ego can be used in two ways, defense mechanism and attack mode both. Your ego can get hurt when they say I gotta born to do some great thing. Some people can use ego as driving force at different level, if you watch closely some specific people that you observe are highly egoistic, but their ego is their sole part of their personality. Their ego is what makes them unique, their such persona is sometimes the reason their work delivery i.e. the work they carry out, is different from others.   We think ego cannot drive you to success, and I believe nothing is objective/absolute in life i.e. everything is subjective/relative. The reason why we say such thing that EGO will not let you succeed in life you’ll fail, your ego will make you blind, you would lose focus, is bcoz we love this argument when we see others who are succeeding in their work sometimes due to EGO, we feel uncomfortable, That’s why we give ourselves a confirmation to approve our argument.   We think great people or su