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Why not criticize?

The thing about youtube or any other platform (exclude US at least in some cases): there is this thing not happening which is “People don’t talk” (Not that talk talk thing, but discussion, the debate, the counter opinions). It is just like, everyone just like broadcasts their ideas, and this is it. It is broadcasted and there is nothing like a scientific tradition which is peer review happening. Where is the review, the questioning to those ideas, the debate or discussion?   So, what is actually happening here? There definitely must be people who would disagree with the arguments that are broadcasted, and it is completely a thing because they are in the right to do so because everyone has their own life, experiences, and points of view. But the beauty arrives when you serve all different points of view on the table that may be contradicting too with each other but even then, it is a great thing to do. The coexistence of ideas on the table will bring intellectual growth to the community

Dominating character

Most of the time the leader is not the one you/employees/people/voters think of someone to be the one, but the leader position, in reality, is taken by the person you do not like much, at least that is what we can say as per our understanding. Because there is no natural funnel way to reach the top, you don’t reach there somehow automatically because you are good at that work for the position. You have to snatch it away from every possible person, To snatch, you need a drive, motivation, motivation that “I want to be at the TOP” . Virtuous or Fair hardly becomes or reaches the top position. That is the reason charisma influence decisions. We do not get fair or virtuous or generous at the top position, people possessing charisma or greed for power are the ones who get it. Power, It is an ecstatic orgasmic feeling when you have power.   We do not love noble or virtuous characters; We love dominating characters. Sherlock Holmes is a dominating character, sherlock loves to bitch about or o

Lets talk about "Attack on Titan"

Let’s just ask, all of you people reading this whether you have watched this show or not. Now, this is my personal opinion that every single person that I could reach out to (not saying 7 billion people on the planet, I wish they all did) should watch it. Also, I desire schools to make kids watch it.   Yeah! I would seriously say so. Now, why?   “Attack on Titan,” I think covers personality building, critical thinking, and literally every aspect of life. Now one thing I would like to say the reason I mentioned personality is because it greatly concerns some big things inside you, some of which are empathy and compassion (not the way that your cool or most admired entrepreneurs, celebrities, speakers, NGOs, etc. like to represent).   Empathy and compassion are two really strong things that decide what type of human you are, so if they are more in your personality you appear very different to others, and if they are less in your personality you again appear different to others. So, even

SUFFER or Become rational to benefit yourself.

Innocence and naivety-type behavior possessing people will have to suffer in life for sure. Never become a naive innocent person. If you are, work on it, train yourself to question things instead of blindly accepting them. Be skeptical towards things, parents, friends, teachers, siblings, your Juniors, YouTubers, entrepreneurs, billionaires, Motivational speakers, president, lawyers, books or newspaper column writers, everyone.   It is just a childish thing to have desire or daydream about possessing childish behavior and consider it a cute and amazing thing that looks so happy and full of life type thing.   But the reality is that you are not a kid anymore, you are now a teenager or adult.   How to identify loyal people?   By not trusting anybody blindly. By collecting data about, and noticing what different people's limits are. By accepting the fact that there is no one completely good or bad. By accepting the fact that, under given circumstances, people may find reasons and ju

The Sad Side of Market, And the reality of the parameters deciding who shall be the winner.

The thing about marketing or our choices is so weird for us to understand that our choices are not decided because of the word-of-mouth marketing but it happens by status. Wait! But does status not come from word-of-mouth marketing itself? The answer is NO. Status mostly does not come from word-of-mouth marketing, it mostly comes from oversimplification, desire for more, narcissism that can have a wide range, etc.   Think about a fiction you suggested to your friends but they didn’t try it out. And for now, again, think about the same scenario but change a little situation here by quantity, i.e., Not just you but more than 50% of people around your friends are talking about and suggesting the same fiction. There is a high probability that your friend will pick that fiction. You do not pick Harry potter just because your 1/2/3/4 friends suggested you, but you picked it because the majority of your friends were talking and suggesting about it.   So a little sad thing about the market is