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Who shall implement? Who shall decide how to implement?

Deciding who will come up with a better implementation idea?   Of course, there definitely will be exceptional cases, we do not want the army/military to take any risk out of curiosity to lead (They shall not and we hope they don't), authority and control are necessary when management is in the picture. We need both leaders and managers, leaders to take a risk and think about vision, and managers for not taking risks and work for leveling up the efficiency.   The system (of implementation) does not need to make sense, to the authority. But it should make sense for the end workers (Implementers).   Dabbawalas submit an accuracy of 99.99% because for the organization the methods Dabbawalas utilize make sense for Dabbawalas, it may be a complex thing for the authority at the higher end to understand their (Dabbawalas) methods but that's what organizations (Not all organizations, but definitely some who need it) should figure out actually because the implementation is not done by