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Who shall implement? Who shall decide how to implement?

Deciding who will come up with a better implementation idea?   Of course, there definitely will be exceptional cases, we do not want the army/military to take any risk out of curiosity to lead (They shall not and we hope they do not), authority and control are necessary when management is in the picture. We need both leaders and managers, leaders to take a risk and think about vision, and managers for not taking risks and work for leveling up the efficiency.   The system (of implementation) does not need to make sense, to the authority. But it should make sense for the end workers (Implementers).   Dabbawalas submit an accuracy of 99.99% because for the organization the methods Dabbawalas utilize make sense for Dabbawalas, it may be a complex thing for the authority at the higher end to understand their (Dabbawalas) methods but that's what organizations (Not all organizations, but definitely some who need it) should figure out actually because the implementation is not done by au


An innumerable amount of content creators/entrepreneurs/businessmen/motivational-speakers try and do level best to teach you a highly generic thing i.e., Ego is the problem, Ego is toxic, Ego is our enemy, Ego possessing leaders never win, Ego possessing companies do not win, etc.   The irony here is most of these people forgot that there are a bunch of companies/leaders/organizations that are earning a huge chunk of money even if they are not organizations that are scammers. Many of them are so big that no one can actually speak against them on the internet, if you do internet itself will demonetize you.   You got to understand that almost every YouTuber/businessman/motivation-giving guy, uses these sentences: “If you want to change your life/mental-health/profession/business follow-me/watch my video/read-my-blog/subscribe my newsletter” , these whole arguments are based on narcissist tendencies. “My product is best for you”, “I need your help to make change happen, and that happens

Understanding Over Intelligence

You can be excellent in making a great career, intelligence (besides the fact there are multiple types of intelligence). Understanding communicates more than your intelligence. Intelligence works to give status to who you professionally are, but rarely does it help you engage with your people. That is what our parents have neglected more often. Once they realize they have the intelligence they for sure try to think they are awesome in parenting, but it is not. Even if you fail to have an excellent career, you can become a good parent, provided the fact that you have understanding.   When you already have an understanding, your persona is no longer connected to an ego that tries to convince the kids that they must look up to you for grading them, and they (kids) can themselves derive their own means to grade themselves. Now the kid no longer believes that you are the only person who knows things better, there is a probability they would question things instead of following your advice w

Lack of Knowledge

One of the reasons that wealth management researches tell us why the middle class remains a middle class? is because the middle class operates or implements on Fear itself. Fear of unawareness, Lack of knowledge about wealth management.   But, the actual wealth management does not stop at Unawareness/lack of knowledge about wealth management or anything. The fear is marketed or nurtured so powerful to the kids. You are actually taught or a better word is threatened by your own parents/elders/colleagues or fear is nurtured by your own people to you. The ones (the people) who lack knowledge of wealth management. What they rather should have done is to tell you “We lack the knowledge about this thing, but maybe we want you to gain knowledge about it and learn or maybe take the authentic courses, we encourage you to know something we didn’t and maybe after that we can think about implementing that knowledge”.   This is actually a bit of better advice, accepting what we lack and saying to o

1000Truefans is subjective too. (The mass market also works)

It is better to do all the homework about the task you are going to execute in front of an audience or before putting it out on the internet. Although, you indeed have to start and let go of perfectionism, But there is a difference between progressing and perfectionism.   The more powerful your first impression is, the more you will be able to send the art/business/idea/painting/music/novel, etc. to the audience that is fascinated about it.     While you are working small to improvise your art so that you can actually make a powerful first impression, also it is better to notice what is going outside and what is the progress of others involved in the same field you are in.   Everyone will start, un-experienced of course, but when you want to make a really powerful first impression, better play it to the small audience while you are making progress to make it strong enough to make a strong first impression to an audience that is bigger than the original one that you performed at the st