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Why Brands at some point likes Controversy?

If you focus when a brand gets in controversy the audience who are upset for the particular action of brand majorly targets a specific entity. It maybe the brand endorser, manager, celebrity commenting on the controversy etc. but audience would hardly try to point these issue to the Brands itself bcoz, we as human it’s seems much unusual to point at something that is not a person or someone who can’t respond back. This emotional state helps brands in a crucial way as you may say it as the evil nature of marketing. The misconception you have is that for Brands to win the competition, they have to catch the eyeballs in least possible time as you believe: that the brands believe: that the people have attention span as low as that of a Gold-Fish, It’s wrong. Reality is brands want something so that even if audience don’t pay attention to their product they want people to discuss about their brand for more and more time. For example: Chick-Fill-A is a popular chicken sandwich company in US,

Why you can’t beat the attention and algorithm?

Whenever a new medium or platform shows up that associates to attention and specifically for more organic reach, someone come out ahead and wins the attention and keeps us wondering how it happened.   They win google search, tons of follower on FB, Insta, get the masses on twitter, LinkedIn, reddit and clubhouse too.   Even you can be one of them who somehow got the masses and having the experience of joy of attention of people, being finally getting recognized now. You believe “They picked me!” (‘they’ portrays the audience). Meanwhile others view it and can’t hold back more and rush to press that follow button as our peers are following the trend & we believe if we didn’t do the same we feel ostracized.   But there is no “they” also you were not picked. The algorithm that the medium is builded upon has the work to deliver attention to people, this attention of anyone needs to be delivered somewhere, and for a while it’s sent over there where you may be present. But it certainly