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Is Ruthlessness necessary?

There is a thin line that differentiate the ruthlessness and self-obsessed work/your duty of shipping the work you promise yourself to do.   Back in the time of Henry ford, He almost changed the whole automobile market along with the petroleum and factory work and mass production by labors. He started hiring & paying factory workers from 50cents to 5 dollars. Also he started making affordable cars for people, like around 600dollars during the time when all other competitors had maximum ability to sell the cars at minimum prize of around 2000dollars.   Henry ford’s work allowed people to use affordable cars, and he started the mass production of this cars due to which the company flourished but also bought poor people (factory workers) from poverty to middle class as he changed the structure of assembly line and paid them more for mass production which was the foundation of the Industrial Age.   But wait, what happened to other competing companies? They Died. Yes, you read that rig

Can Sports create unity among different Culture?

The greatest and most famous example of this unique power of sports is from South Africa when Nelson Mandela, an Anti-apartheid leader from south Africa supported the South African National Rugby team which was dominated by white players during the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Not to forget the fact that, even though the Johannesburg stadium which was largely filled with White South Africans, Audience Cheered “Nelson” to support his Generous act.   Here is Nelson Mandela’s words about sports in his speech: “Sports has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create HOPE where once there was only despair.”   The amount of diversification we see is insurmountable to justify. But still the segregation that is out there where people highly remain in their own tribe, cannot help us conflate people for converging us towards same purpose no matter what that purpose has anything to do wi

Why Brands at some point likes Controversy?

If you focus when a brand gets in controversy the audience who are upset for the particular action of brand majorly targets a specific entity. It maybe the brand endorser, manager, celebrity commenting on the controversy etc. but audience would hardly try to point these issue to the Brands itself bcoz, we as human it’s seems much unusual to point at something that is not a person or someone who can’t respond back. This emotional state helps brands in a crucial way as you may say it as the evil nature of marketing. The misconception you have is that for Brands to win the competition, they have to catch the eyeballs in least possible time as you believe: that the brands believe: that the people have attention span as low as that of a Gold-Fish, It’s wrong. Reality is brands want something so that even if audience don’t pay attention to their product they want people to discuss about their brand for more and more time. For example: Chick-Fill-A is a popular chicken sandwich company in US,

Why you can’t beat the attention and algorithm?

Whenever a new medium or platform shows up that associates to attention and specifically for more organic reach, someone comes out ahead and wins the attention and keeps us wondering how it happened.   They win google search, tons of follower on FB, Insta, get the masses on twitter, LinkedIn, reddit and clubhouse too.   Even you can be one of them who somehow got the masses attention and having the experience of joy of attention of people, being finally getting recognized now. You believe “They picked me!” (‘they’ portrays the audience). Meanwhile others view it and can’t hold back more and rush to press that follow button as our peers are following the trend & we believe if we didn’t do the same we feel ostracized.   But there is no “they” also you were not picked. The algorithm that the medium is builded upon has the work to deliver attention to people, this attention of anyone needs to be delivered somewhere, and for a while it’s sent over there where you may be present. But it

Why Skepticism matters?

Emotional thinking can't help solve Problem. Emotions are products of 1 st impression of a scenario in form of feelings that you experienced. Thinking on basis of emotions always makes us more biased and less skeptic about situations.  Let’s understand this by example of one of very dark problem we face as society i.e. Women harassment. We all know how heart wrenching it feels every time we listen about a sexual assault and situation of the victim after the incident. Every time when the question comes about solving the problem of such topic people respond emotionally, moreover this view of looking things emotionally is even more catalyzed by the celebrity’s opinions and social media protest i.e. celebrities tweeting about justice for the victim by death penalty, and all such social media protest pretty much every-time demands for Capital punishment (death penalty as punishment) ,and also not to forget that movies too sometimes show that the criminal involved in this crime were kil

Why generosity and empathy matters?

Human Skills: Imperative for Leader.  To understand it make one thing clear that a leader doesn’t mean a person leading/managing a group/people/organization, everyone is a leader of their own. You are a leader leading your life through your decision. It’s just a kind of task that you perform every day. The flow of your life is not just manipulated by only leading and decisions; it’s driven by a lot of other factors: sometimes it’s other people, sometimes luck, sometimes nothing but time that drives the flow. But still, our mind believes it has great/major control over itself throughout life because the deciding factor lies within it.   Let’s understand it by taking an example of an apartment (building). An apartment that contains a house on each floor. Well except for the houses, all people have the same authority over ground-floor, terrace/roof-tops, elevator, etc. Try to examine this fact that although all houses have the same authority over the terrace, individuals possessing hous

We are Status Driven and Status confirming society

People choose leaders on basis of their personality rather than their skill to lead. Well, the title makes a lot of sense, right? Let’s 1 st make a fact very clear that leadership is not something superior or something above than any profession. It’s just a skill as there are other skills like writing, painting, singing etc. The reason such a high number of people believe in this myth is bcoz, for a lot of decades & centuries it was hammered in our brains that leader is someone remarkable, someone above others. Having it was perceived as some form of Fame or a personality or an individual that we see in fictions that reminds us of characters of Kings or Queens. Anyone can take advantage of such a psychology. So it’s a model of brainwashing & marketing your image by showing your achievements & using every single opportunity to target people to show them “Who you are” rather than showing “what work you do”. This way someone can know your name very well as it’s well marketed