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How Yoga & meditation lost it’s originality?

For any doubts you have in mind about where Yoga originated? It is for no doubt Yoga was originated from India. But what matters now is how well do you use it? Bcoz if we look in history humans are great at making use of things in their worst possible manners a lot of times.   So think about it, can you answer this question: who won the Yoga Asana? OR who won the Yoga race? Does it seems to make sense, NO it doesn’t make sense.   Well that’s what yoga & meditation is for, it’s place where you can get rid of the talks about win & lose arguments. But what it has turned into now, can you imagine?   Well it has been hijacked by the corporate or industry where meditation and yoga has become a really misunderstood concept. That this misunderstood concept has removed the real philosophy of Yoga/meditation itself (i.e. you take away the soul of a body, similarly the originality of meditation has been removed).       Most of this has happened from the West also with American cultures,

But how can I be rich in early age? The scam sold to masses

Well, who doesn’t want to be rich? Why do you think every person in his/her 20s/30s has this great desire of becoming a millionaire?   Let’s make it clear, you definitely don’t want to be an average earner in terms of money. But ask yourself why do you really want millions of dollars or have this desire to earn million dollars in your early age?   Now I am for sure not saying you should not be serious about earning, but the question is why do you think you want such huge amount of money. Will you not be satisfied if I tell you that you are earning sufficiently well included you also have made investments for your kids and they will not face any problem if they want more money for their college, and still will you have the desire to earn even more?   Let’s answer this question. Bcoz we really are in an era where becoming millionaire is becoming like a trend that is spreading like a fire in forest. The reason it is important to answer is bcoz you are living in a world where every once i

Don’t say, if you are not that.

If you’re that YouTuber who calls celebrities, entrepreneurs and put on quotations any successful person people you can imagine, Don’t you try to say that you did an art. It’s not art. Any person born in a privilege family can create a more followers on social media and then run it with same math of promoting himself & calling celebrities or successful people and saying this podcast will help people.     Again consider this fact that: “Anyone can write & publish a book, it’s hard to become a writer.”   If you had made a decent amount of following on social media, any (majority of them) celebrity would not reject to come at your podcast or conversation, bcoz they want more masses, that’s what they are thriving for in past and these days. If you have not done something we can call remarkable who are you to tell people this is the formula and discuss with celebrity that life is great, or life is a struggle, or anything that is conveying positivity. The truth is talk about positiv

Write what you don't know

Well, a lot of people may say it, and I am sure a lot of them say it through purpose that “write what you know” . They may be right? Bcoz what they are talking about is don’t right some non-sense just for sake of writing or it’ll get you in trouble. Yes this is a really good reason that we all have to agree upon.   Don’t write just for sake of showing even to yourself that you are writing. You’ll definitely be in trouble if you do so.   But Let’s find something new about “writing what we don’t know” . I am not saying take pen and write whatever comes to your mind, what I’m saying is our brain for its efficiency it makes us to do something which is called as “Forgetting” . It all happens naturally. But what if we start jotting down things we were doing or experienced for just a second and forget it in less than seconds. Does it happen to you? It might be hard to answer bcoz again “forgetting” prevails in.   If you create habit of something, you know it will happen subconsciously after

Private moments.

I am not talking about your moments with your partner. I am precisely talking about the moment when you are completely alone in a room, and what you are doing when you are totally alone is what I need to know bcoz that’s what will tell us about what’s inside you.   The irony is No-one, literally none of us really can know what others are doing when they are alone. Even the depressed and anxiety patients tell a small part of their experience to the counsellor which bothered them and made them to sweat even with the Air Conditioner's on. Even prolific or outspoken writers don’t tell you complete truth, it doesn’t mean they were lying to world, they just cut the most private moment and summarize it like a prose: a short summary. Because we as humans don’t want to share them, why?   It’s fear. Yes we are feared, and it’s totally OK. Why would you share something private that bothered you for long time (for example: a child dealing with parents involved in fight with each other) but if

My most popular blog posts

…Are not my best blogs.   As you may notice every week/month/year the best music albums recorded or the best comic written or best movies, change. Similarly, ‘the best posts are rarely the posts that were read by most people’.   This means when you need to keep track of your best art delivered, you have to let go of the distractions of market judging whether you made it good or bad. As no-one knows your story completely and will never know even if you showcase your whole life your story is never completely reveled.   I am working on it to deliver the posts that are best (it may not be best for audience, and I am OK with it, it may happen that out of 1000s of blog which I would right, only 2 blog may help you, & that’s OK) and let it be there on internet. Even if no-one reads it, I have an evidence that I can say in future that “I said this. I teached this. I predicted this.”     Sorry for wait, but it’s hard you have other works to do, but writing everyday is really a privilege.

The Greatest lesson are not the one taught by your most admired creators or the artists, ...But they are......

They are your lessons that are greatest bcoz you learned them in the way. Seriously we need to ask a critical question in this modern age where people are considering the term marketing as evil.   1st of all let me make it clear, it has become evil just bcoz majority of people who are scammers have used it? Bcoz your whole intent was wrong, that’s the reason marketing word is perceived as evil by people.   Marketing means “here I have this art for you who really cares for this particular art I created. And if you like it I can deliver it, and we can also create something new from it if you wish or have some suggestion.” That this idea of mass marketing has gone since the industrial revolution has gone.   Industrial revolution was all around creating more and more stuff so that we can sell more by mass marketing and make huge profits and also pay the workers in factory even less, bcoz they can be replaced if they argue with us. The concept of creating a monopoly over billion people has

A humble request to all the generous Readers

  I know that the mail subscription service of this blogs are not working from a long time. If you had already subscribed to this blogs you may be getting mails, but I know right now any new readers are not able to subscribe bcoz the subscription service has stopped it's service for a very long time. I am trying to figure out another way to solve it, but I already have one alternative solution to this which I described in my blog previously that You can use my twitter account (Twitter account: @Jimmy10563139 ) to get links of daily blogs, until I find some permanent solution of this problem or use a new service, But twitter is a great idea or you can bookmark this website, it’s pretty simple.   Thanks for all your patience and generosity to read all these blogs. I appreciate it.  

What happens when you fill the room with all people who are narcissistic?

Well, the answer is not they all or their thoughts will collide and you will enjoy the view. The answer is when you collect or organize all such type of people in organization, they all start this game of bargain. This means that everyone knows that who is what? Everyone know how much ruthless, cruel, manipulative and selfish you are. And same is with you that you too know, how much manipulation and selfishness is there in whom.   If you’re wondering who am I talking about? It is people who are in love with the celebrity status and who are celebrity too (not all celebrities, only the one’s who are in category of narcissistic character).   That’s why all these narcissistic will deliver some work to audience i.e. majority of film stars who believe there are great but actually they are not, Youtubers or content creators who claim we are guru’s but they just want profit from you, people who share tips that are about making you elevate either in beauty, money and fame.   Believe it or not

Why Google has a great problem to solve?

Ever since the 1 st commercial website was developed which was GNN ( Global Network Navigator ) the purpose/goal was to get huge audiences or get more traffic on website, and monetize it with the ads.   Since then, it has been the same goal and strategy for almost all website that are listed on the internet. That Google policy literally says that if you pay we’ll give more traffic on website you put on internet. This broken model will turn out to be really expensive, bcoz now Google is under this huge pressure to return the increased profits to the Wall Street and the companies, as it’s majority of revenue comes from displaying ads on these websites. So now what has happened is Their increased ads on these website is not giving the output as input.   So try to figure this out on your own that when you google something, the 1st shown feed will not be a website that was credible or is recognized credible or is an information in the website driven by expert, but what 1st priority will c

If you don’t believe humans are not story telling machine driven by irrational assumptions, than……

Than you first need to read this article ( You Wouldn’t Believe How Much Money Is Wasted Every Year On Unused Gift Cards ) that the scandal/scam bought through the concept of gift cards is so much interesting to think about, but no-one wants to talk about it. That the stories have taken us from there to here, which is that Celebrations like Christmas or any such celebration that other cultures may have become a Holiday about spending money or shopping than what it originally was about, which was giving. YES, gift cards are available in banks, stores, supermarket almost all places.   If you do search properly about how much money is used just in this industry of gift card, you’ll find it’s an industry of huge chunk of money also along with huge chunk of money which remains un-utilized, Not in terms of value or amount spent but in terms of breakage (money taken for service without redeeming the service).   On the other hand, we also make and believe this story that of creating a counter

STATUS: Up & Down.

So I talked about we are all  status driven in the blog ( We are status driven and status confirming society ). And for no doubt a huge people are influenced or their deciding factors depends on status. Status doesn't mean you are number one in your field or you're highly worth or remarkable. It merely means you or your organization are more in public eye. It means not just people who care about what you create knows you but also people who don't have slightest idea of what you do also knows you or the organizations name. Now it is pretty much nuanced topic bcoz now, this status can be probably used generously & negatively too. Major times it's negatively used bcoz the greed & desire or the inside madness of being recognized wants status to be more & more relevant.   So marketing in any other field & marketing in politics are two different things. Marketing in politics is only field where you win by decreasing vote of competitor.   But most people think

What you do when your loved ones are in a bullshit fight with each other?

What does it mean? It means what you should do when you know your parents or some other loved ones are fighting with each other & what's your job?   You job for 1st is obviously not to interfere the fight. Never interfere the fight until it's something highly serious. Bcoz its not going to work for sure.   Let's 1st make something clear. Toxic masculinity is an illusion. Yeah, you heard it right. If you are blaming your father if he is somehow not behaving properly with your mother or take any male doing that, then 1st make your mind clear bcoz you're not in thinking stage, you're in emotional stage.   We are the 1st generation to have internet access. We have the privilege to learn and understand about mental health, about proper rights for all individuals, about child's mental health, nutrition and personal care. We understand the importance of all this bcoz we have the access and privilege.   It's not same with our parents and the other previous gen

Cynicism is not same as challenging status quo.

The philosophy of cynicism comes into picture about 4th century BCE from the story of a young man Diogenes when he was stripped of his citizenship, his money and all his possession (atleast that is how story goes according to research). Much of life of him are in shadow, but the idea of cynicism coming from rejecting opinions of others survives today which he considered would help him become free in truly absolute fashion. Living without materialistic and living close to nature wandering in cities and laughing or looking down to thoughts of authority is what was philosophy for Diogenes.     Cynic comes from the Greek word “Kynikoi” which means “dog-philosophy” because Diogenes was perceived as a barking dog by other, which Diogenes considered it as good symbol arguing dogs are happy creatures.   But wait challenging status quo is not cynicism. Challenging status quo means we have something valuable to offer instead of the predetermined and inefficient norms decided or practiced by s

Hammer Hammer Hammer

So we know the saying about hammers. A person with hammer, every problem seems nail to him. So if it’s true what type of hammer are we?   A patient has got severe back pain. One Study showed that surgeons prescribed surgery, therapist suggested therapy is necessary, acupuncture obviously got with the needle. So in the entire ecosystem, the solution to the problem was not driven by what is background of problems, but was driven by the background of solver (here: Doctor)   Does it really work? No.   A counselor cannot say to one of his patient that there was another patient facing the same problem, so if he can overcome it why not you. Counselor never say that bcoz they must know the fact that not every similar problem has same background.   Sadly, most organization are not doing it right bcoz they use wrong hammer even though knowing the fact that market is in phase of changing, they then can’t figure out why are they failing. They keep using same hammer until they had a huge hit, a

“To be Un-noticed” and “To not crave for fame” are two different things.

There is a difference between having to “be unnoticed” and “not go after fame”. Being un-noticed comes from fear of being judged or being not come into the picture. A minute before you had a lot of things you think about but you didn’t share that because you don’t want others to see that you wrote or spoke in the podcast “ I believe this is wrong or right about this system or organization or people”, here you are afraid of others to see “I believe/ I think/ I observe” because that is precise "the resistance" wonderfully described by Steven Pressfield in his books/blogs/talks. (Blog: Resistance & Fear ).   What not craving for fame is, that you don’t become anxious about the number of people following you or listening to you. You don’t want the fame that is becoming viral or getting to more and more people. Sure you don’t have a problem if more people listen to you or follow you, but you don’t change (make the decision of changing) the lane of your work by how many people

Comfort zone and Safe zone.

Comfort zone & safe zone are two different things   If you close your doors & windows and boundaries around you or your home, you feel comfortable as well as safe too.   Bcoz you don't worry about some burglar; as you're safe.     When comfort & safe zones are in same place at a time, you're in a great place. Congratulations.   But if your comfort zone & safety zone are different i.e. they are not together, you need to worry Bcoz now you're not safe, in comfort zone. If you know about your team or organization or your boss himself, is not doing productive things or is not doing what matters and you know we're not in safe zone, you need to do something about it bcoz you're not safe, and these continuous denied unproductive actions will cost you when the organization collapse or your boss has nothing to say and offer but put the shutter down. It’s a myth that one wrong decision causes an organization to collapse or gets it annihilated. It’s wrong

Why I hate the sentence "this is Advice from successful people/entrepreneur/manager/leader/hustlers"?

Bcoz its highly oversimplified, how can you justify every advice or let's say precisely this advice coming from successful people is resourceful or correct or utilitarian. Actually majority of times we are just listening these advices and keep thinking in our head saying ourselves (your mind tells you these sentences) "hey you have to pay attention here!  See that entrepreneur/hustler/manager is giving advice, he's successful, do listen his advice"   In reality you are just listening them but not curious or you don't have any desire to learn bcoz deep inside you know it's not the greatest advice or the greatest lessons. They may be good enough for them, not necessary that their golden advice maybe golden to you.   Let me tell you what greatest advice or lessons are. The greatest lessons or greatest advice are those which will be coming from your mistakes, your winning, your laziness, your cowardness, your rude behaviours, your irrational biases, and all these