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My most popular blog posts

…Are not my best blogs.   As you may notice every week/month/year the best music albums recorded or the best comic written or best movies, change. Similarly, ‘the best posts are rarely the posts that were read by most people’.   This means when you need to keep track of your best art delivered, you have to let go of the distractions of market judging whether you made it good or bad. As no-one knows your story completely and will never know even if you showcase your whole life, your story is never completely reveled.   I am working on it to deliver the posts that are best (it may not be best for audience, and I am OK with it, it may happen that out of 1000s of blog which I would write, only 2 blog may help you, & that’s OK) and let it be there on internet. Even if no-one reads it, I have an evidence that I can say in future that “I said this. I teached this. I predicted this.”     Sorry for wait, but it’s hard you have other works to do, but writing everyday is really a privilege.

A humble request to all the generous Readers

  I know that the mail subscription service of this blogs are not working from a long time. If you had already subscribed to this blogs you may be getting mails, but I know right now any new readers are not able to subscribe bcoz the subscription service has stopped it's service for a very long time. I am trying to figure out another way to solve it, but I already have one alternative solution to this which I described in my blog previously that You can use my twitter account (Twitter account: @Jimee_himself   ) to get links of daily blogs, until I find some permanent solution of this problem or use a new service, But twitter is a great idea or you can bookmark this website, it’s pretty simple.   Thanks for all your patience and generosity to read all these blogs. I appreciate it.  

Hammer Hammer Hammer

So we know the saying about hammers. A person with hammer, every problem seems nail to him. So if it’s true what type of hammer are we?   A patient has got severe back pain. One Study showed that surgeons prescribed surgery, therapist suggested therapy is necessary, acupuncture obviously got with the needle. So in the entire ecosystem, the solution to the problem was not driven by what is background of problems, but was driven by the background of solver (here: Doctor)   Does it really work? No.   A counselor cannot say to one of his patient that there was another patient facing the same problem, so if he can overcome it why not you. Counselor never say that bcoz they must know the fact that not every similar problem has same background.   Sadly, most organization are not doing it right bcoz they use wrong hammer even though knowing the fact that market is in phase of changing, they then can’t figure out why are they failing. They keep using same hammer until they had a huge hit, a

Comfort zone and Safe zone.

Comfort zone & safe zone are two different things   If you close your doors & windows and boundaries around you or your home, you feel comfortable as well as safe too.   Bcoz you don't worry about some burglar; as you're safe.     When comfort & safe zones are in same place at a time, you're in a great place. Congratulations.   But if your comfort zone & safety zone are different i.e. they are not together, you need to worry Bcoz now you're not safe, in comfort zone. If you know about your team or organization or your boss himself, is not doing productive things or is not doing what matters and you know we're not in safe zone, you need to do something about it bcoz you're not safe, and these continuous denied unproductive actions will cost you when the organization collapse or your boss has nothing to say and offer but put the shutter down. It’s a myth that one wrong decision causes an organization to collapse or gets it annihilated. It’s wrong

How amazon changed and how others got influenced?

The reason how timing and conditions decide is best explained by examples of amazon’s kindle.   Think about it before kindle JK Rowling's Harry Potter would flourish bcoz when you're kid in that time and enter the book store to buy the book, the book seller would tell you this (Harry Potter) is good, it's new version has arrived. You could purchase it now. And that's what people did, bought the book and that's how it helped JK Rowling to come forward.   Now again after amazon kindle the book or the series that went flourishing like Harry Potter was the Fifty Shades of Grey, but the reason for it’s flourishment is totally opposite of what made Harry Potter famous. It's the amazon Kindle. Bcoz you don't want your parents or siblings or friends or cousins to know that you've the book. But you knew you could read it without anyone knowing on your amazon Kindle. That's what changes the situation.   Before amazon Kindle “Harry Potter” wins bcoz of the a