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Trust earning, time & feedback.

It takes 15-20 years for Netflix to earn trust and more specifically to make people understand what is really coming and what change is going to come?   It is easy for people to discuss the success or tell what Netflix is doing in amazing ways, but the hard thing is to acknowledge the fact what hardship (meeting the deadlines, coping up with things that are needed to be done with time, etc.) or what it took for Netflix to become what it wanted to or what it is now?   Building trust and willingness to do work requires time-specific deadlines to show up the work and make it consistent for seeing where the progress really is?   Kids who take tuitions even though having schools don’t take it just bcoz tuition will make them understand things better, but it will ask you to do things in deadlines too.   Now, does school doesn’t have deadlines? Yes, they do have deadlines, but the deadlines will be of no use if you can’t track the real progress.   Kids know two things (1) School teachers/pro

What famous costs, ...... (“One direction” is an example)

There is no single one-sided binary answer.   All of us have this want to become famous or known at a young age for particular things which we can show the world that “I made this.”   This want is not evil or some bad thing, it is just or craving for things that we don’t understand. The thing is we try to get things which we don’t have much idea about and we also want it all at once.   What is the difference between a person who becomes known in a community bit by bit one step at a time & a person who becomes an overnight sensation?   Like, you put a song on the internet it gets tons of likes and makes you famous, But you’re a teenager who has no idea of how things around us work?   Mostly, every one, one of us can’t figure out what we are interested in what our priorities are what we really expect of ourselves and others, it is actually narcissism that takes over when we become famous, it is a thing to think about because you have to make a decision whether you’ll try to enhance

Gossip is great.

Gossip seems low or mediocre or low-status word for people, Is it really?   We are Rich, we don't gossip We are intellectuals, we don't gossip. We are progress-making students, we don't gossip. We are recruiters, we don't gossip. We are a group of special achievers or achiever communities, we don’t gossip.   This is nothing more than narcissistic characteristics to tell yourself.   Every one of us gossip, don't you like to talk to your parents/partner/siblings/friends and gossip about things randomly. The reality is, it is about the right conversations with the right people, but Gossip is random it does not follow rules that’s why it’s gossip. If you can’t gossip openly with your friends (or anyone), they are not much human in your relationship and make sure you find the ones who are more human for you.   If you are happy, you don't ask yourself that, am I happy?   Don't act like you are a genius who doesn't gossip and talk only about productive &a

What’s purpose of being a thinker?

Most movies have taught you is thinkers are never main characters, the main character is mostly great because he/she will win because of the emotion they have connected and they use it as motivation to win.   Well, actually it works sometimes. Sometimes the story or emotion connected itself is so tense, it drives you to do work, but rarely does it happen to us in real life.   Not quitting, and romanticizing the fact that “You should at least try, and not quit” are some bad pieces of advice. Not because they are completely wrong, but because they are on tip of the tongue of almost all people which means they spoke it out of an influence, out of status, out of peers/tribal effect, and because it was generalized advice to give so they gave it anyhow.     This may seem a little stupid and would make some people ghost-quite but the more helpful thing is to not expect our desired outcomes from the work we do. Like literally, when a programmer/coder expects something as an outcome, the majori

Being Straight-forward is a gift.

When you can have a person who can make things super easy to understand it gives you an advantage.   Who does the straightforward really help? The CEO may be a good leader and a visionary, but the organization has to execute a lot of things that are technical and complicated.   The marketer or we must not ignore the fact the whole organization’s way to work is marketing itself, so when people in the organization can have someone whose work is to make things simple and understandable about the whole vision and execution, it’s a great thing to have.   Straight forward is a gift or a luxury, because the internet changes the interactions, the questions we have to ask, and the true answer which we seek to find.   What really do meetings give us? Are our expectations and goals or about what we have to do, made clearer after meetings? Mostly the answer is No.   Here’s What we think the meeting will give us: -discussing important issues and chance for people to come together and find its sol

Normal vs Matured Consumers. (Decoding Luxury and utility)

Why not think of spending less on useless things instead of talking about investing and making yourself even confused about investing?   Why not think of eating and drinking healthy and walking instead of giving cash to Gym?   Why not use a phone or any device that meets your needs instead of spending a huge amount on buying a new iPhone and luxuries products ?   What does luxury even mean? How do they become luxury?   Do you buy apple because it has something more than other phones? NO. Do you buy that expensive bag from Louis Vuitton because it was more comfortable than others? NO.   It seems that it all depends on the tribal effect or the surroundings we live in, all your peers have the product may pull a trigger inside you to buy one for you.   That if you organize a bunch of extremely great thinkers or observers, they still won’t be affected by the tribal effect because they are thinkers and observers, someone scarce and they don’t really care that their group has a majority of

Vulnerability & volatile behavior needs special focus, care and thinking

How many people would become doctors/architects/coders/etc? if being one of them was something you couldn’t get paid for?   Money is associated with vulnerability, status, power, impact, etc. and that's why it's important and needs special focus.    On contrary what would it feel like if saying thanks, helping someone voluntarily, helping the poor having them a meal was something you’d get paid for?   vulnerable sides sometimes tell us the truth about the inside process of ourselves, truth is something that has a scarcity of, in our time. And if there is something positive here is only if you are mature enough to think that I saw what my mind was thinking and what was it volatile about. If you seen what your volatile behavior was for? it is necessary to decide whether you will think about it or you'll just move on without paying attention and not figuring it out yourself.    What would happen if you’d to fill a consent form when you decide to have/adopt a kid, that will a

Long lists don’t work, start making it short.

When was the last time, you finished your long list?   Seems that it never happened, Because reason is a long list never gives you a proper rating or genuine feedback of your productivity and small progress you made.   It happens because motivation is perishable, so be wise enough to use its full potential when it’s available. Did you complete that small part of work that was the most important thing in your priority today?   If yes, then don’t forget to give yourself a pat on your back. It’s called being hard on yourself if you don’t do that. Bcoz when people say you’ve not done something great it’s just a small thing, they are in a way right but the fact that you did that small thing today is real and you deserve a small pat on your back either by someone or by your own, but you earned it. You completed your job of that day and stopped resistance in your mind to not let procrastination win.   If not, don’t be hard on yourself, as I wrote in a previous blog: Is worrying useful? tha

Who is your marketer? (Or is it you)

It is a controversial thing to say but it carries truth and that is the term or the position marketer of the organization is not a good thing to consider, As every person working in the community is a marketer: a representor of their community.    Yes, we are all marketers. And it is not evil or selfish.   It seems or looks selfish bcoz for years there were an innumerable amount of people who were short-sighted, greedy, interrupted & irritated everyone for the attention.   So because of such few people, marketing word had got this bad reputation.   The truth is Marketer of our organization is an easy way to point fingers and blame someone from an organization that failed to deliver any good returns in terms of publicity or marketing.   Think about it again, when your publicity or marketing suffers, who do you point out? Who do you blame? To whom do you say that, if you don't deliver profits, we'll fire you?   Remember it's not always the marketer's fault cause sh

Is worrying useful, if it is when should you start to worry?

You are worried about the results of your test/ interview/ about whether your publisher is going to accept and publish your manuscript etc. and whatever you can relate to.   So how long before should you start worrying? This is may seem controversial, But The answer is, “you should never start worrying ”, it’s bad advice to worry about something.   Worrying doesn’t change output or present process. Also, it ruins what useful things you may be doing that day, it’ll distract you. And every time you’ve fooled and tricked your own self by putting yourself into thinking that it is useful or it cannot be avoided or it can be used as a fuel, but it is not. Believe it or not, accepting this fact is easy, but executing this is even harder. Even though I am writing this, I know at least that I too worry and it is of no use, but understanding it deeply requires consistent acknowledgment to yourself about what you are doing worrying comes into the picture.   Because if you’ve started worrying, No

You are alone……. Are we stupid or are we lazy?

Is it that you can’t do it? or you don’t want to do it?   In ancient and pre-historic times being afraid of getting rejected from the tribe was reasonable and was kind of understandable, cause if you’re rejected from that tribe in the forest, you’ll die.   But in the modern world, we are highly free to choose what we want to believe, to think, to say, to write, to oppose and expect whatever we want, that “ We stand ALONE”   You live in your apartment alone. Your parents or friends don’t live nearby. You and a lot of people like you choose not to be more interested in concepts of religion and nationality or particular tribe.   You have all this freedom and that’s a good thing. But when all these things in the world comes to attack you, you’re alone .   You can’t put social media away from you. You can’t control craving sugar and all these foods and drugs designed for craving. You can’t control visiting porn websites while wandering around the internet.   And at the end, you also hav

“Internet companies’ vs manufacturing companies” …. Who really is at cutting edge?

The majority of us know about Internet companies i.e. Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.   But who is focusing on manufacturing companies and are they worth paying attention to? China has a lot of internet companies but they recently lost a significant amount of capital. Why?   The Chinese government has some different points of view to have and is not interested in supporting their internet and gaming companies but something else.   So here two groups have a totally different point of view, investors and government. Investors like internet companies over manufacturing companies because they always have a high ROI from stocks, but when the government showed their point of not supporting internet and gaming companies, investors knew Chinese internet and gaming companies are going to suffer and they started selling stocks as they expected. And Chinese gaming and internet companies have started facing losses.   So why China is doing this? There are two faces and knowing both of them is neces

Are Youtube, Google, etc. biased?

Let’s make it simple, if you’re a YouTuber in America/Australia/Canada/Europe or anywhere such, your ROI is more than the Youtubers of countries like Myanmar/India/Srilanka/Pakistan/& some other African countries.   Yes, that’s what happens, and is the reality that if you have somewhere around100k subscribers in America then your royalties are way more than the other Youtubers having 100k in other countries written above who are BTW talking about the same content or topic.   So the question is: is it really what youtube or google signed for when it was created?   Well, the majority of the internet is about ignoring and bullshit things. That if I am writing this blog sitting in Such a country and someone who writes even better than me but is from some above-mentioned countries, his blog would not be put on the search results or will not be suggested in search results.   Why so much of a bias? Because Google & Youtube wants revenue and they don’t care about people getting what t

“Here we go again” ……… Re-programming the cycle

Every time we know we have specific feelings that trigger in our mind when a certain thing happens. Your stomach may start to growl before giving that exam you are going for, you feel uncomfortable to express a new career for yourself to your parents at your young age, you may feel your classmates are not going to like that, your relationship may suffer with you partner if you do this and at the end, we say this common words “Here we go again….”.  It’s all true and happening to us as we tell stories to ourselves over and over again.   Except the story is not true, but we kept repeating it after experiencing the effects of it an amplified version. You gave 5 tests unfed and passed with good grades and suddenly you gave a test with satiate stomach and failed, didn’t you once have the thought the other 5 test went well, there must be some reason: it could have to happen not eating was a better option.   This all could have stopped (not failing test, but you creating narrative) if after t

The loser character in American reality vs the others…...

“Even if you are a loser, you are a really smart loser” in American Reality. This is the narrative of the American loser character. That somehow the protagonist must be a better observer or better teacher or better learner or better at something so much that the other powerful characters too cannot match him/her up in it. That even if they are writing a loser, they write a superhero. Now, this does not happen only in American writings/movies/shows, but majorly this adaption of such writing comes majorly from America.   That there is not a loser-loser, but there is this Smart-loser. These characters are not a complete piece of shit or a real loser-loser which BTW is the reality of the world, but writers don’t wanna take risk of showing this as they fear the audience won’t love it as it’ll remind them of their daily life.   That, if the loser in the story is losing the fight/business/love/fame/power/money, still he’ll be a great personality in social skills and is shown capable enough

Luxuries Losing, Marvel or Anime…...

Luxury means something for which we paid extra than the utility it provides. A Rolex doesn’t show you time in a pleasant or happier way than some other brand watch. Utility lie's in how we perceive the thing. A mild scarcity is used as a luxury good to elevate our status.   But the hundred or two hundred years of luxury good domination has gone and is fading away. What marvel cinema was, is not what it is right now?   Showing the same narrative and stories of superhero people was successful because children liked it that time, but what has it turned now? It is turning into more of a monomyth than an art, the same story that we as kids used to listen to is going through marvel stories like: “Don’t play with nature or time, we’ll have to pay the price if it happens”. The superhero has to sacrifice his daily life and routine for saving the world from some people who God knows why want to finish the world and this is not changing in marvel much.   On the other hand, Anime is beating

What Toxic workplace can really do?

Your motivation, productivity, mental health, and happiness are highly connected to your organizational support and workplace environment.    Have a look at this research and you'll understand how much people are ignoring the psychological aspects necessary in an organization & life. ( Article Link:  )   As I have written before generalized advice don’t work, and this advice is too generalized that “Surround yourself with people smarter or successful than you bcoz that will help you grow”   Do you actually believe that happens in reality or there are a lot of complexities involved?   What would happen if those 2/3/4/5 successful or smart people are not your type or don’t match your personality? It will only depress and make you feel inferior.   And most of all making friends on basis of how much money or charisma or fame they have is not at all practical and calm-minde

Craving for what………?

Craving for money, respect, being extroverted, being listened to, being famous, etc. What are those things?   Believe it or not, most of the people who are famous, are narcissists, there may be a lot of definitions and ways to look at what narcissism means, but the characteristics and context define it more than any generalized concept.   It is a highly narcissistic characteristic or trait that “People should love me. I want to be famous. I am relevant and authentic. I have to put out content 24hrs 365days to be in the eye of people so that I can remain relevant to people” Such a person is a highly narcissistic individual if they are doing it for such reasons. self-awareness is most powerful than anything, self-aware individual feels a lot times imposter syndrome, but they are aware of why they are feeling it, but if you are feeling it and unware: start acknowledging your mind about yourself. It’s really hard, believe this but there is no winner in self-awareness, it’s not a race. It