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Does the platform really matter?

Every time there comes a new platform & the hype starts to get created around that platform, Almost everyone would be saying this platform has this 2 or 3 new features that will help us more to connect with audience, we'll have more organic reach.   This is will not help you make change happen. Let us make a point clear. You write a blog, make YouTube video, make some LinkedIn or tiktok content, reddit, you do it to make change happen at its smallest possible form but you make it happen. If you're not doing it for making change happen, you're more likely to get influenced by these arguments of new platform more organic reach, and all such crap.   This don't really work, in reality.   You're just following a pattern that others are doing. Even though twitter has so much noise around all platform hard to get organic reach but still it's impact is no less than others. Elon musk, naval ravikant and there are so many who have their most influence from twitter.  

Anecdotes (irrational stories) create Fake problems and fake solutions.

We love to make the problem seem more complex.  We like it because we want to show the world we're doing something and we're solving.  But actually we're not.    Well let's just discuss. Climate change. Professor's or students sitting at universities and researchers are publishing research papers about environmental problems or it's solutions. But are there contributions really efficient?    I mean they can be, but is it really going to help? Ask this question yourself if you're someone of them and if you're not just start thinking about it.   If your answer is no, we published a paper on environment change but did not make an impact that may be worth it.   Than it means you didn't solve a problem but you just did it bcoz you wanted attention of people so that you can show people that see I solved this problems! While in reality you just created a dummy problem showed its ideal solution and added it to your resume.     You could have published 100s

Decoding our Behaviour.

Let's decode our Behaviour. Assume that you know a child who has faced abuse or was bullied, a woman who has trauma for being harassed, and something like that as you've seen these or as these people are somehow connected to you.  You become clueless, anxious, and question why all this happened?   On top of it what's more surprising is how from now on you'll behave to any other child or a woman you encounter?   Most probably you'll be humbler, more alert, or watchful of your words or actions towards them. You know you have a memory attached to a child or a woman.   You can't afford to hurt them, even if you've adjusted, you'll do it selflessly, for them.   Let's rethink. Does every child on the planet face abuse? Does every woman face harassment or mental torture? Does every man who loses his job or his family gets alcohol addicted or lose mind control or needs counseling or therapy?     Answer: No.     It may happen that the woman to whom you'

Why write a Blog?

1) Why I do blogging To know how much diverse, I can think upon and tell these things to point them out to people, it's needed to be done bcoz to know how much I can give except just reading books and making carrier.   2) What problem are you solving? To make people enlight about some facts that our parents & environment fails to teach. We have a lot of garbage filled in our head bcoz of this noisy social media and un-needed suggestions given by our near ones. Also important to note you need to work and start to know what experience teaches you. I got a reply from a person whom even I don't know but he commented and appreciated my work. That's why it may matter. Maybe it could be already being done by some people but in noisy world you can't quit just bcoz someone else is doing the same. You've your own story to tell.   3) Is this actually useful? It depends on how people perceive it, my work is to ship this art or work of how to think, it's my work to

Consistency: an important tool in Self-conception.

Well, let’s say mirror can speak and assume you have that mirror of that fairy tales that never lies. One answer will always remain same and that is: No one looks at you more than anyone in the mirror, Your art i.e. your writing or your music or your poems or your sketches or your any project or an idea is well known or intimately known to you more than any other. So outside world will never be able to know your full story or your work or your understanding.   People perceive your work respect your work or may critize it too, but they are perceiving a part of your journey, its neither their fault nor yours. It just means they need time to dig deeper into your art, understand the things that they have perceived in a narrow minded way, and accept a new way of thinking when they realize what you were really expressing.   But how will that happen? Why would they stick around for so long to get an answer? The answer is “your consistency”. If you know your art is worth making an impact, you

What do people (content creator) do to elevate themselves in social media? Majorly they are all people pleaser’s, not intellectual’s.

I’m not talking about some you-tube channels that are there which teaches you some subjects like teaching website development/sketching/some methods to get resources to elevate your work, they are really interested in subject that’s why they may share it: but I’m precisely talking about any form of you-tube videos that try to tell you or teach you this is what you have to do in life to succeed or make good habits or read this books or how to finish more books or how to be productive or someone explaining their daily routine. (we are blinded by success, success is highly overrated and so is failure)   More failure doesn’t mean more successful, and more success doesn’t mean intellectual or critical thinking. Maybe we need to stick around what really life is, we all share one thing, that is we are humans: and we will face problem, some pathetic days, and we can and we have bullied others too at some point of life and just being bullied. And we do succeed too in life a lot of times, but it

What’s Kafkaesque? Learn from Kafka: to write, to read and more importantly learn how to see & express.

There is no doubt about how Kafka changed the writing styles and expressing his writing in uniquely dark & disorienting way. It’s better I let you enjoy in learning what Kafkaesque is and whatever you may learn from it, Here is a link for all readers to understand and get a deeper understanding about Franz Kafka. As I am really touched after learning and understanding his life more and more, I could not resist but just share with you all these experience: enjoy the video (link given below):    Learn about Kafka, learn about some real life facts, and most importantly always try to make yourself more and more of a critical thinker to understand the greatest synopsis of life.

Things about writers, movies: and understanding does watching movie is productive or not?

Let me just explain why I love “Psycho” movie, a way too old movie of 1960 for a guy like me (google it: Psycho-1960, it has three parts psycho -1,2,3 (in years1960, 1983,1986)). But still, it really touches us all if we focus a little hard to figure out what this film that has no action scenes like some avengers or fast and furious but still is highly powerful or I should say a bold movie. Why is it so? I don’t wanna make any spoilers here, but I’ll try to explain it in a way that there are no spoilers. The greatest asset of this film in terms of the art is its simplicity, it shows the same simplicity that we all share, we all live that life every day. But still, it can beat even a Joker movie if you wanna talk about the simplicity and reality, (again no spoilers: I’m making it clear it’s not like the JOKER movie, it’s a different genre). So it beats Joker in terms of simplicity, but it also beats joker in the randomness. What’s going to happen?  How character will face the situation?

When is your real test of parenting come into picture?

Well, if you closely see the kids who started achieving (achieving here means not going against what's being taught by parents, or performing well, not having any problem or not reporting problems to your parents) more in their life majority of times you will observe their parents have a very few conflict between themselves. It doesn’t mean there is no conflict at all. It’s just the majority of times. So why that happens? Let’s find. Well the reason is when your kid starts achieving things you start getting attention from others and that high feeling and dopamine hits and you feel the positive aura and you want it more so you try to support your kid and your wife/husband and you get the feeling of mutual understanding and achievements that feels like an accomplishment gained through unity & togetherness.   But what happens if the kid is not achieving or the kid has to wait for the opportunities so that he/she can explore it’s real potential then this means that the parents are

It could be really expensive for us to be unaware.

It could be really expensive for us to be unaware. Look at your parents for example they are highly unaware; it doesn’t mean it was their mistake. When the internet and industrial era came there was not much communication and sharing of ideas available. At such times there were some people who took the risk and advantage of such opportunities and they somehow changed their life. Note: changed life may be catastrophic or a great one which we imagine. It’s just like that your parents when came out of college or didn’t attend college at all they thought study or learning are limited only until age 22 or 24, and then you’ve your job and don’t have to study now. That’s the biggest mistake majority of people did in their time. The reality is learning never ends, when you finish one there is another one ready to start off. But they didn’t think about it, and guess what happened? They failed to walk with what and how time, technology, education, way of living changed over time and they didn’t

Are we really intelligent than our parents?

Before we discuss how IQ tests came to picture let’s see what we can say or notice about “Binet’s dilemma”. Its 1904, Alfred Binet saw or came face to face with a problem by minister of public instruction in Paris about How students who need special care or instruction or extra help be identified early in their school careers before they fail in general educational classes?  All this was happening bcoz there were intelligence theories coming into picture but no standard idea to determine it, so that kids don’t lose benefits of their intelligence. As Binet was a political activist and someone really concerned about right of children. He believed there must be an objective measure to have some scale for learning ability which could protect students living in poverty and who might face issue’s like leaving the school. So Binet with his collaborator Theodore Simon worked on their project of identifying intellectual individuals came up with somewhere near 58 test for age group of 3-13 years

Every classroom has two divisions:

Its Good students and Bad students with respect to Study or performance or learning.   What bad students are, in classroom scenario? Bad students are those who may not behave properly or don’t want to concentrate, shows complete or partial dis-interest, does not perform well sometimes or always under-perform.   What or why do these Bad students do all these? Maybe, these are students who show their vulnerability that they are not able to show it in their house and between their own people. Bcoz Classroom, for these students is an escape which is only thing that they consider to take out all the garbage that they are facing inside their mind and can’t hold it in there.   Another thing is about teachers, teachers who are an adult doesn’t even care majority of time and understand it and talk with their own mind that: “Oh! This kid is facing a battle inside his own mind, his/her life are fucked every day in their own houses, they are unable to express themselves!”   So all these kids faci

We don’t learn from IDEAS, sometimes we don’t even learn from ACTIONS;

So from where do we learn? I think we learn by being unbiased at beginning and concluding after taking action from the ideas we imagined about. Above statement means we learn when we take action on an idea analyze its impact from different views [both good & bad consequences] & at last we conclude that we were right or wrong about certain decision and some actions in the process.   But do we really do that? I guess we don’t. Yeah I said WE. This means we in general even before we take an action; we assume ourselves or the idea or whatever that we are going to do is right or wrong, efficient or useless. This random calculation does run in our brain when we talk to ourselves like I don’t feel I will gain anything from learning a new language or trying to sing or trying to sketch. So what happened now, we will never end up getting an answer that enlightens the objective pro’s and con’s of the idea or action. Bcoz we already have a sense of belief of certain things, so we’ll try to

Do you believe that you’ll win an argument with your parents that they always keep denying?

Well, Parents not believing in the ideas or arguments of their kids is not an uncommon thing. The majority of parents do that because they are not thinkers or philosophers.  They are just those humans that cannot leave their own biases to analyze things, situations, people, and cannot justify things on logical arguments.   Here, what you believe is that you will somehow convince them by proving them wrong using the most logical and critical thinking arguments available. Well, the reality is your end goal of convincing them will not succeed & you should not wonder why. It will not succeed because your demand for convincing is already destined to fail. why? let's analyze.   Understand it logically, a person who has lived his/her life just through beliefs (by their parents) and not questioning and finding logical deduction, will not accept any counterarguments, that is the reason they are called Biased people.   This may seem highly unsatisfying, but it’s a reality of their enviro

Does British education have colonialism in its curriculum?

The answer is obviously NO (not directly). At an extent they don’t, otherwise I can’t tell that all of them don’t learn about the history. It’s not been taught to students and even a majority of British kids throughout their life don’t know about their history (whatever research I’ve been able to commit just tells me this facts).   Let’s ask ourselves, does learning history is useful? Bcoz a lot of people debate about what we would do of learning history. The answer is Yes; it needs to be taught. History is for learning what was right, what was wrong, what critical decision people made that changed the flow of system, how can the impact of that strong decision be diluted and you cannot count what not you could learn, it’s an escape or short sight answer that we don’t need history.   Whole world knows about Hitler and almost all educations include this in their curriculum, Germany does educate people about Hitler and holocaust. But still British don’t included colonialism in its curricu

Do we need to be Loner, for success?

1st a philosopher used to explain this fact: “If there is a thing that two different people have to achieve (same thing), then both of them can achieve it individually and separately without conflict but they still compete and somehow don’t want the other to achieve”   Now what is our Philosopher trying to say, is achieving something completely possible without conflict OR is he trying to say that even if the achievement is independent of any competition factor but human brain will still always crave to want for themselves to remain above others even if they are from different domains.   Let’s just ask: Do you remember a person you hate? If yes, can you explain why or what damage happen bcoz of them when you were together? Is it taking time for you to figure out why or what mistake that person made that can logically be accepted and resonate your anger or hate for them?   This happens, & don’t try to judge yourself that you are not a good thinker that failed to give an arguable re