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Why write a Blog?

1) Why I do blogging To know how much diverse, I can think upon and tell these things to point them out to people, it's needed to be done bcoz to know how much I can give except just reading books and making career.   2) What problem are you solving? To make people enlight about some facts that our parents & environment fails to teach. We have a lot of garbage filled in our head bcoz of this noisy social media and un-needed suggestions given by our near ones. Also important to note you need to work and start to know what experience teaches you. I got a reply from a person whom even I don't know but he commented and appreciated my work. That's why it may matter. Maybe it could have been already done by someone else but in noisy world you can't quit just bcoz someone else is doing the same. You've your own story to tell.   3) Is this actually useful? It depends on how people perceive it, my work is to ship this art or work of how to think, it's my work to

Can you use Ego to succeed?

1st ego can be used in two ways, defense mechanism and attack mode both. Your ego can get hurt when they say I gotta born to do some great thing. Some people can use ego as driving force at different level, if you watch closely some specific people that you observe are highly egoistic, but their ego is their sole part of their personality. Their ego is what makes them unique, their such persona is sometimes the reason their work delivery i.e. the work they carry out, is different from others.   We think ego cannot drive you to success, and I believe nothing is objective/absolute in life i.e. everything is subjective/relative. The reason why we say such thing that EGO will not let you succeed in life you’ll fail, your ego will make you blind, you would lose focus, is bcoz we love this argument when we see others who are succeeding in their work sometimes due to EGO, we feel uncomfortable, That’s why we give ourselves a confirmation to approve our argument.   We think great people or su

A quick note about this blogs:

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Animation: the new face of movie and content industry

How animation in the entertainment industry can outcast the acting from the movie industry? Think of it, entertainment is at an all-time high, never before have we been so much obsessed with entertainment. People binge-watch an entire season on Netflix. We are already busy in this noisy world and what we do to get disconnected is seek entertainment, it has been decades and now access is easily available. What might be difficult is for actors/actresses? because actors are expensive, hard to work with sometimes.   Disney has figured it out too early, it acquired Pixar in 2006 and we know what it’s doing now. Animation content is booming, even majority of movies even that of Marvels rely on CGI. The biggest example is the Anime that is made famous by Japanese creators and story writers.   Try to see the series created by the anime industry of japan, right from Attack on titan to Dragon ball series to Pok√©mon to Naruto to death note to one punch man to demon slayers and the list goes on.