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It's all Plagiarised (& our delusion)

 It is arrogance Or there's an ulterior motive behind saying or showing the world that "this idea belongs to me".  Most of ideas are not yours. 1000s of years have passed and countless deep thinkers, philosophers, writers have lived life on this planet giving their wisdom which by now is in its most polished form available to you.  What you lack is realizations to understand them. That's it.  It's in a way very arrogant or manipulative (if you've an ulterior motive) to say: "I have great wisdom, how amazing am I, I thought about this beautiful idea, maybe no one ever thought about this ever..." As you can see, it's highly ego centric. Having being someone who gained wisdom is not something you think of as a source of your ego feeding machine, rather its an opportunity to be more generous enough to say "I am not different from 1000s of beings, my knowledge and success has countless variables of serendipity attached to it rather than my hard w