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Good Grief………. What’s left now?

Everyone was a slave to something. But does our whole culture or world allow what our choices are?   Let’s say you choose to be someone who wants to marry a little late or you don’t want that same thing that people are craving but you somehow know you’re are little different. So think about it, does your environment will ever allow you to live happily with your choice or they will like for you to choose their choice and be sad for life? Well, the majority or almost every time (Sadly) the answer is the 2nd one.   Socio-economic & environmental conditions matter so much. Let’s understand it with the above example, you decided you don’t wanna marry (Assuming you’re highly aware of what you are doing and what you really want), But what the environment has to say?   If your parents or your surrounding are those mature thinkers, Congratulations, you are one of the luckiest. But this is rare, very rare. What happens the majority of times for people who don’t have mature thinkers around t

Forgetting (or not to forget) past helps? …. Are we confused?

We always have listened to this, “Forget the past, what matters is present and future”   I will step back to say something that is important to understand 1st, Think about any quote/sentence/phrase that portrays a positive message or message that tries to convey a productive path ahead, the problem with these sentences is we humans as storytellers always like to oversimplify things and so same happens in these phrases/sentences/quotes. That’s why for me the quotes or one liner’s we used in life sometimes make us feel  “Wow! What a great philosophical thing I said, how energetic and positive I am!” , are in reality horseshit. Yes, one-liners are just a simple cool looking badge for people.   If Pablo Picasso says somethings about art, we value it not because it was great. It doesn’t take 2 minutes for Pablo Picasso to say those words, it took Picasso years and years of work earning reputation and a standard to be in a position to say something which was deep in meaning in his life but i

Is change in parenting happening?

This is a question which people don’t have clear idea. Although the amount of awareness and talk of parenting has been never more than ever in history, the question all have is are things changing or not? If yes, why we don’t observe any change?   Let’s say you’ve read my blogs or books or researches on parenting, but let’s just know who you are (the reader)? You are the 1st generation people having great amount of access to information and make yourself aware about these un-learned topics. But why we ae not observing change? It’s the same reason, you are 1st generation to understand and contradict your thoughts to learn more, that’s why, you will not witness the change but the coming generations will.   It’s the nature of a change to happen that, when it starts happening, the performance always is poor and it will remain the poor for quite long bcoz it takes time for things to change. Things that go viral suddenly are made from trends and not from somethings new or something remarkab

False convenience from internet, and mistakes of organizations (Businesses & NGOs)

The world runs on emotions and emotional well-being is what we really want, but does our modern world allowing it to happen. Everytime someone criticizes the technologies and advancements in information age of internet, people start mistreating these people for being cynics by bragging about the same thing that internet helps the whole world in un-imaginable ways. But so what?   It helps in a lot of ways; doesn’t mean we must not look at the dark spectrum of this ecosystem. Do you think people Google facts to know more truth?   Most certainly this tech and un-regulated flow of data & information, doesn’t make people to learn facts that would contradict their own thoughts and allow them to learn something new; but instead it makes people more anxious and Google or learn things that are not truth but are pleasant to learn.   Your partner leaved you, and you are few clicks away from articles that conveys you that you shouldn’t be ashamed of cheating with your partner which doesn’t re

Crypto, NFTs, Blockchain …………. The uncertainty we miss.

1st of all Blockchain is not crypto, crypto, NFTs all comes from Blockchain. So Blockchain is not what we must criticize bcoz what makes things volatile is cryptocurrency.   Cryptocurrency About crypto, there are 3 types of people: 1) The one’s saying crypto is of no use, it’s a dumb idea. 2) The one’s who say crypto is the future and is everything. 3) The one’s thinking and questioning about what is the credibility and asking important questions that are critical for the whole ecosystem of business, government, consumers etc.   The problem here is with the one’s who say cryptocurrency is the future the 2nd category people, bcoz they are the one that are going to take the risk, the 1st and 3rd one’s are not going to gamble without thinking.   The Bitcoin that people are talking about cannot be considered as currency, you better never think of that to happen. The problem with bitcoin is, it’s origination itself is paranoia, obviously the idea of someone not having authority over curre

Is networking useful………. or dumb argument

Well, definitely networking helps us, but how do we perceive networking is of no utility. When you say you have to network, you think of yourself as someone who has no network precisely this s what you think of yourself at 1 st glance. But rarely this way of thinking helps us, bcoz it doesn’t have any clarity. Let’s think about your best friends, do you call them only when you need a help, or do you sometimes do a lot gossip with your friend just bcoz you’re great friends? Bcoz when it comes to a good connection, a good friend, a best friend; selfish doesn’t work, you are selfless in that relation and that is what a network means that you are friend not bcoz you needed help, but you help them bcoz you’re friends.   And this happens rarely, bcoz people give limited people space in their good friend zone area to people, so it doesn’t mean you’ve to just keep switch-on to any random person to make them in your connection.   Believe it or not, when you think to make new connection and sta

Simple, Yet Efficient. (George Orwell)

George Orwell has something to say, which are not just applicable to writers but it applies to a lot of fields: 1. Never use passive, when you can use active. 2. Never use a long word if short is possible. 3. Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, jargon word if you can use everyday English words. 4. Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figures of speech that you are used to seeing in print. 5. If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out. 6. Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.   What is he trying to tell? It is simple, Always keep things simple to deliver what you exactly wanna say. Bcoz if you are not doing it, it means you are intentionally hiding. Hiding from wanting to be noticed and perceived as exactly as what you spoke/write about.   If you are not willing to take criticism or review, just don’t say/write anything. But if the goal is to communicate for real, say it clearly without fear. That is a reason Kafka didn’t want

Things are never in a synchronized manner . …… … . ……… …..

The one thing about synchronization, is we believe the world has lot of things synchronized and all things around, the water, the air, the rocks, the sand, the moisture, the living creatures are living in an ecosystem of synchronized manner.   The reality is they are not; they look synchronized bcoz no-one has supreme authority. Authority in a way, the consequences cannot be changed if once a cycle of acts have entered the ecosystem. So the ecosystem can be referred as a great decentralized system, which works synchronized only bcoz there is no impact of just some few acts in ecosystem.   But what if we can’t make a large change happen, well then probably what we can really do is connect small threads of interest to occur amongst people who are interested and amplify that whole effect to show the world, this is who WE are.   If it’s synchronized or you already have a book or manual to do the work, it is not an art or it cannot make a change happen. Bcoz it’s already in the manual. Thi

Artist are hard to love; do you love them?

Everyone likes artist but it’s hard to love an artist and spend time with them. Artist doesn’t just mean writer/singer/actor/sculpture. Artist are often people who are outliers, i.e. they live in their head. They don’t need people’s suggestion or motivation to think, they already are thinking, it’s part of their routine.   Going out with friends/colleagues/family, travelling might be fun for you, but it may be nothing for artist. If artists are told to be inside a room with their work for months they are happy with it, now work doesn’t mean the work-work, but the work here is there art, which they have strong habit/practice a part of their life, the art they love to share and make again and again more new more and more, that’s what artist are. It doesn’t mean artist don’t like these things or they hate it, it just means they don’t care about what will be beneficial for them to be either remain lonely in house doing something or going out to have talk with people.   Pablo Picasso has s

Does Books/blogs/reading changes your life?

So as the last blog was about the blogs, books and reading, let’s start a conversation about Does a book or blog change your life?   My straight answer is NO. This culture of saying that this book change my life is being forwarded and became viral by the 19, 20, 23, 25 years old millennials. The thing we need to understand is any book in the world is not for everyone, it is specifically for someone. Also most of the times only young kids use these type of statements bcoz it just feels an amplified emotion, that you may be happy with the book or blog, but in excitement of telling the world you use this words this book changed my life. Reality is mostly we have given our authority or we don’t trust ourselves to evaluate ourselves, bcoz that all started from childhood, Example: when you were a kid and made a sketch/music/wrote an essay you asked your parents/professor to evaluate it bcoz you knew you don’t have ability to evaluate. But the reality is if you are making something to get app

Books, blogs, reading, newspaper, social media post…..and it’s irony

It seems that writing and reading are not perceived as what they were meant for. Writing a blog or book may not be a good way to make a living, but they are a good way for earning trust. A privilege to talk about and start a conversation and give readers a question & story to talk about.   But does our surroundings and culture teach these depth conversations? I believe it has turned into garbage by the market itself because of the craving for the masses. That if you check the most popular or viral blogs on the internet are not written by individuals themselves, but the team does it.   There is a difference between writing a blog/book/tweet/any social media post about you and writing about readers. There are the people who write about or for readers (our surroundings and the world around us). So they are about you, the reader.   SO Reading the newspaper every day is one of the worst pieces of advice we got in our childhood, cause nothing good happens in the newspaper. It is just an

Should we keep talking about Dark truth(atleast that's what we call them) ?

The answer is No. definitely we need truths to be known or we need to be aware of truth, but what now? You know the dark truth of some celebrity who was selling you or know about dark truth of some fake gurus, but what now?   It’s important bcoz, most of time when you realize someone was faking it all the time which you didn’t expected, you tend to find even more such fake or scammers. That’s why what you are doing again is foolish act, that even though you now have known the truth, you still are serving as a product of this economy.   The internet has connected all of us, so definitely there will fair chunk of people who will be scammers, but if you are someone who is busy supporting or watching other people who are exposing it to you (Again these people who maybe exposing the dark truth or reality to you might be good/generous people), you are still wasting the time. That is the reason internet will be a problem bcoz we are busy supporting someone who is exposing the reality of some

How superstitions come into the picture?

What do you feel about black cat, number13, opening umbrella indoors etc. things?   So whether or not we believe in them, but most probably we all are familiar with the narratives associated with them. So how so many people in world come to behaving so specifically about these narratives. Bcoz a black cat can stop more cars than a traffic signals, at least that’s what we have come to observe.   Superstitions are marketed well is an appropriate reason to consider, but how they are marketed so well is question?   It seems the story of origin or the connection it makes is reason it markets well and people talk about much. For example: Lightning 3 cigarettes from same match is considered misfortune, WHY? The idea originates from the military in historical times, where lightning 3 smokes from a match for too long can cause a bad luck for you as a soldier in a foxhole, bcoz it can draw attention of enemy sniper and have him opportunity to take down 3 targets. You see the story is not known

More and More DATA is a problem……

Internet becomes more of place for bureaucrats, as it is now not just an opportunity but a problem for us. The overflowing data or never ending data is a problem.   With few clicks we can have more data about anything. But do we get really what we were exactly looking for? Do we get real answers or real insight?   NO, at the end. There is no real insight’s. bcoz the rate of data posted/inserted in internet is faster and more than the data we are seeking to consume.   Yes, there is no doubt more data brings more reliability and clarity. After all we have not reached a miraculous point where we can find any other alternative, and until then we have to rely on more data which is best option we have got right now.   But it is extremely necessary to acknowledge that more data will not give right answer, instead it will deliver more confusion. If you try to notice, there are tons of research papers published on one single topic, but almost all of these fail to deliver right answer. It doe

The crushed culture of biopic movies.......

What does a biopic even mean? It means the practical real nuance of life of a particular person and his/her surroundings. It has not just ups & downs, but has something more than it.   But what does movie makers, directors & writers do?   They make a life journey of a person a bullshit to show people that in life the person was rejected, bullied, got up everytime when he/she fall, had stress in relationship with people and at the end he wins like a noble fantasy Hero of fiction, and everyone: all the motherfuckers clap like bullshit fools and praise, in between movies they also show there was some teacher/mentor/wife/husband who told that this person will be successful and say “all are making a mistake of ignoring him/her”. Reality is there are no mentors, and so does a biopic should cover: but they don’t do it, do they?   This repetition of the same culture or lifestyle or story of a hero to show in a biopic has being churned constantly again and again by writers, directors

Volatile Teenage and unnecessary sophisticated behaviour taught

When you feel you're not being listened by people, when you think your neared one’s are not caring for you? when you feel depressed? when you face anxiety?    The one thing you have to not forget; is you only are the one who can help yourself. YES, you are completely capable of making your life prosperous. You can no doubt make your life the way you want. I'm not talking about impractical desires, but your true life that you want to have which is peaceful and emotionally stable.   No-one can change your life, but you really can. The reality is every 15, 19, 24 years old is a stupid fucking wandering generality. Think about it, you are that teenage boy and you are switching on to any girl that is ready to reply or talk to you without any fucking goals of whether the other person can really merge into your personality.   And here is the other thing, those girls too are clueless to accept you or reject you, they too are teenage kids without any fucking clue or idea of compatibil

Are you a ‘Night Owl’ or ‘Day lark’......

Any advice which is generalized is not going to work. When someone speaks or you watch someone saying that “The most important thing in life is xyz to be successful” Now this xyz is different for every person but still our culture or world or most positive people try to oversimplify things and define xyz as particular things only.   Again don’t fell for shitty things that life must have these things otherwise life is not complete. If any successful person says you must have great relationship with parents in life no matter what, then they are immature people to even say that. There are tons of people who don’t want to live their life with their parents because their parents were not what a real parent was supposed to do.   You need to ask question that the advice that any such type of people impart is followed by same people as well? If you don’t know answer maybe you should stop thinking about that.     The concept of " Night owl"  and " Day Lark" is real, it’s

When the narcissistic wins…….

the fair question or a feeling of unfairness or being dejected or not being respected comes into our brain. Why did that happen?   1st narcissism has its own definition in the dictionary: having a grandiose feeling, excessively admiring yourself, etc. but there comes nuance when it is about life and people because life is not a dictionary. So 1st of all no one in this world told or taught that arrogance and narcissism may not win. Here win means the thoughts you have about in your mind when you see some people who are wining or pushing forward in their life.   There are several things for us to notice and make clear: 1) You don’t know anything about their life: Only reason you are able to feel they are this and they are that, is because we don’t know much about them and we only know one side of their life which shows them as an arrogant geek who is winning or his jokes are always admired in a community or he never becomes a joke for people or he/she seems to be alpha male/alpha female