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Hate that ringtone. Better text it. (Basecamp or Gmail)

In era of internet where your decision needs to be precise and also people around having less time to pay attention to, we would ignore most of unnecessary interactions. The obvious thing we do is ignore. Don't feel that you're ignorant it's a good decision to not give your attention and trust to short sighted, unnecessary shit things that claim they deserve your attention.    Most of the interactions we like to do is through text and not a call. Because you know you hate to pick that phone and will have to pour your time and energy specifically to someone who you may not regard as of much importance to the subject.   Spamming is available in both, calls & texts. But the reason spammers love text is because they can know text delivers your message & if the person is disappointed, he/she won't revert back and they(spammers) mostly are expecting the same to happen. They can elongate the list of people they interrupted no matter how much ROI they got. It's goo

Policy’s & rules

The minute something goes wrong, what is it that we do?   Mostly, people create policies that no one will get benefit from.   “The students of schools/universities are cheating and are not employable” problem arrived. What we do? We create policies/rules. The rule is if you cheat, you’ll not be given chance or we’ll make the punishments even more severe or annihilating so kids will not copy and will study. Really! do you think it really solves the problem?   "The employees are not taking responsibility" , Let’s create policy. Employees shall not take help from other outer sources to finish their job, threaten them with some rules or a deal i.e. if you don't do that we'll not consider you in XYZ things and not provide proper benefits to you. Again a pathetic idea.   This is not solving a problem, it is bureaucracy. What would these things lead to? Think your own way, will kids start learning or will they try to find a way they can pass the test?   What companies