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Censorship doesn't help.

There is a spectrum of art, the exceptional art, the good art and the pathetic art. The pathetic art makers who make it pathetic intentionally are doing it because they are only after money and keep repeating it because that is how they have to make it work. But if you come up with Censorship as a solution than what really happens is there is a ripple effect of that censorship in art that would have turned out to be exceptional art.   The movie makers mostly are thinking to make their reach like some great comics have, but the problem is the timings have changed. The only superhero, people had some 20/30 years before was Spider-man type genre. And because that was the only one available there or very few (few superhero characters/ superhero writers) of them, People had a good opportunity to taste another type of genres too and they might have quiet made their taste better from it. But now, the amount of superhero writing and movies movie makers and writers have inserted in the market,

Hate that ringtone. Better text it. (Basecamp or Gmail)

In era of internet where your decision needs to be precise and also people around having less time to pay attention to, we would ignore most of unnecessary interactions. The obvious thing we do is ignore. Don't feel that you're ignorant it's a good decision to not give your attention and trust to short sighted, unnecessary shit things that claim they deserve your attention.    Most of the interactions we like to do is through text and not a call. Because you know you hate to pick that phone and will have to pour your time and energy specifically to someone who you may not regard as of much importance to the subject.   Spamming is available in both, calls & texts. But the reason spammers love text is because they can know text delivers your message & if the person is disappointed, he/she won't revert back and they(spammers) mostly are expecting the same to happen. They can elongate the list of people they interrupted no matter how much ROI they got. It's goo

The answer. (Truth & truth)

Criticizing the idea vs, the person. Does it not make sense now?   The people when telling the truth and knowing they will have to criticize the opponent/competitor/person because that is a necessary part in telling reality forget that the thing that makes sense to people is: whether you are a standard-bearer of earning trust or are you here criticizing the just the person and then saying the truth?   We cannot define the word fair criticism, and it is an almost irrational idea to do so. You can mock someone’s religion/caste/group/nationality and say it is your freedom of speech, but it is not. You did that intentionally.   The personality in telling truth only catches the attention of people because you do not interrupt people’s thinking and tell them what they should think? Instead, you allowed them to think on their will to understand and make a conclusion, and that happens when you criticize the idea of the person himself and keep aside the topic of what that person is?   Trust

TRUTH and truth !!!

There seems to have a difference even amongst people who speak the truth. Truth in sense to explore the reality itself from a bird’s eye view, to sense the objective reality to realize the uncertainty. Truth tellers are either admired or they are ignored. It depends on who speaks the truth among the two types.   The 1st category involves the ones who speak/write truth are no doubt expressing or speaking the truth but still people are not convinced by them. There seems to have a lack of interest of the audience itself to hear the facts, even if they’re interested in the subject. The reason might be that people somehow figure out that in one way or another these truth-tellers are trying to justify their points a little more. [Note: People do sense the truth whether we present facts or not, it’s a piece of bad advice to consider the audience naïve or fool.] There may be a reason a person presenting facts and trying to stand for something other people may be against off, and don’t succeed

What do we learn from lousy teachers?

If you possess a teacher that’s not pleased by your interest in the subject, that is unwilling or will turn out to be unsuccessful in taking you to the place you want to be, that mostly makes you anxious & sometimes also leads to a path where you’d start to hate the subject itself. You should remind yourself of some facts:   -There are millions of people who learn this thing and this subject seems like a game to them. -The lousy teacher you’re dealing with has not dealt with his/her own things, so it’s not going to help anyway if you’ll rely on them but also, it’ll not help if you start hating them. Because hate is like a commander or king or whoever you can relate with, whether it’s enemy or your own army all notice what’s the position and condition of them (king/commander/minister etc.). So, hate is an attention seeker which once given attention, makes it hard to actually realize what we’re supposed to do. -Your habits/consistency are way more generous ways to think about yours

What was it for? And what it became? (LinkedIn)

               LinkedIn is now becoming the new Instagram for people who are in the professional field.   The narcissistic tendencies to say, we are professionals and we use things that are above or what we do is more superior than others? So, we are in LinkedIn and only professional people are here who are like us is what gives people a confirmation that they’re really doing something but in reality, all know inside that it’s a kind of show-off.   It was not much of fascination when we start to observe that LinkedIn is losing its efficiency bcoz what we have been able to observe is that companies that were acquired by Microsoft turned out to be a failure, GitHub was one exception obviously, a great platform that changes the way programmers and developers interact.   But we remember, what happened with Nokia’s collaboration, Skype, etc. ( The Wall Street Journal:  )   Here is something for a context: If you use Microsoft browser: Edge to search any other browser, this is what you’ll

The status/famous/viral/useless-awards/cover-photos, dilutes the goal we seek. (DARK face of Media)

I wrote about how young age exposure to fame dilutes self-awareness with an example of “One direction” in the blog. ( What famous costs, ...... (“One direction” is an example)   )   You may have a strong influence over an audience like Elon musk has on Twitter, But until you’re not clear How that platform or that image or that engagement will help you seek what you want, it’s literally of no use. It’s waste of time and resources.   Think about what managers/authorities of famous people really do?   Greta Thunberg has become a voice for a lot of people serious about climatic change. But what would/how that audience are going to really help? In the end, a young age teenager has to rely on some certain authority to help her manage commination and all such things, And what will those authority or managing team really do?   The same case is with Malala Yousafzi.   Managers/authorities/PR agencies have the same advice: give speeches, connect/collaborate/get your photo on Vogue, Times, etc

What’s your opinion? Did you even have any?

What type of opinion would you give if you’re asked to give feedback or a summary on a book?   Would it be your opinion or opinions that your professor suggested to you some references books that made a summary of that book?   Have we learned to make opinions of our own or do we give opinions that are of others just because we were told to give just an answer rather than learning the process of analyzing something?   Often it would happen that when someone gave you a book they wrote and ask to give feedback, and you'll tell this  “This story was good but it doesn’t have storytelling like Shakespeare/dickens/Da Vinci, etc., etc.”   Well, the fact actually was that your friend didn’t write that book for becoming or making the book to the level of Shakespeare/dickens/DaVinci, he/she just wrote a fucking book? Where was your actual mind when you started to read? Was it really at the book OR was the mind busy seeing the book to be a massive success or failure?   What’s your opinion abo

What/who are we actually lacking? (writers/readers)

Parents allowing toddlers to use Youtube is highly toxic(take proper context here: it is toddlers).   You are taking away creativity and imagination. Have you not heard of this before? Just bcoz the kid won’t irritate you for some time, giving a book of any genre rather than a device that brainwashes them is more of a good decision.   A kid is creating his own world, taste, way of thinking and giving that kid a small device that continuously tells or teaches you that what you should think, Instead, you could have given them a variety of books whichever genre they may choose would have taught you/them how to think?   Why are there very few writers that can make living out of writing books? Is writing not a good profession? Does writing doesn’t take time and energy?   It seems that we lack the number of people who are genuine readers. There are a lot of people reading for showing-off and getting the cool tag. We need genuine readers reading whatever they want to read not someone saying

Leadership AND Management:

We need both actually. Just the thing is, we have a lack of leaders and we have managers, but we need both in real.   A leader can show and lead our community to the vision we all share, what managers can do is make our system/ecosystem efficient in terms of outcomes.   Leaders can think about things that may possess risk; managers think least about risks. Managers do it to make the system efficient, and leaders can say and must make it clear that “This thing we are working on might not work, and there’s no guarantee. But we’ll still do it bcoz the idea deserves it.”   When we think about the army, we hope the manager or the authority is there, we can’t pay the price associated with the risks involved here. But it is just that example where management is more necessary than leadership and hope those managers or the people having authority don’t try to take risks here.   But apart from these types of fields, leadership will lead to creativity which is demanded in the times where you c

The Inhibitors.

Every field has people we can say as “Inhibitors” . Scientists/researchers hate people who publish research papers just for the sake of a badge or a show-off thing or add to their resume. Doctors hate people pretending to know the cure of things and solve it as they know knowing they are not doctors.   It happens bcoz it’s easy to fool people bcoz they won’t get what the joke was about, or what the scientific jargon represents?   Manipulation becomes easy when we can’t break things and simplify them, BUT also, we know when we try to oversimplify things, again manipulation will become easy. The need is to be somewhere in between the spectrum.   The problem often is pointed wrong:  problem is not about the explanation of things, but more rather about people’s will to understand the explanation. Not learning “How to think ?” is a problem cause you won’t be able to figure out what the real issue is?   Bcoz we have inhibitors and what it leads to is: ……Eg: scientists and research fields ge

Businesses that don’t deserve to be called a business……… (don’t call it business)

What’s the difference between a philosopher mind and a business mind?   What’s common in them? >Both try to solve problems.   Well, the philosopher's mind is much about problem-solving rather than self-centered problem-solving.   The problem: Time management, public speaking, etc. Solution by the business mind: “I have made this course on time management, public speaking, etc. which will not be something new or will somehow open some sort of nasty Pandora's box, but if you follow me through this journey, I am sure you too will become good in time management and public speaking, but if you’re not satisfied, you’ll get your payment back.”   Solution by philosopher mind: “If Time management, public speaking, etc. or anything that you have a problem, start doing things on your own bit-by-bit and don’t focus on finding someone who can solve your problem of time management, bcoz you already are wasting time in finding those bcoz most of the humans out there have minds filled w

What/Who is faster??

Let’s ask: 1)Is doing Faster? OR 2)Is watching and deciding and thinking what to do?   1)Is reading fast? OR 2)Is it watching?   If you say (2) is faster: your context or your point of view is about what those jobs are in and how much effort they will take?   If you say (1) is faster: now you are talking about the actual objective point of view which is a real answer to the question of what is “faster”?   “ You are Doing” , so you are faster than yourself if you were “watching and deciding and thinking and confusing more about what to do?”   The sentence “I don’t look up to people for moving forward in life” may seem a little narcissistic but it is not, only reason it seems like it is because the assumptions you attached with the sentence. The sentence never said that: “I/me will not learn from other people or will never modify my beliefs after understanding the new perspective from others” it was all assumed by you.   It just means, I/me/you don’t overvalue or undervalue someone’s

Philosophy or/and Business……. (Heat of NFTs)

This is a controversial question which is, “ Can philosophy or moral philosophy and Business co-exist?”   The answer is Yes & No.   Most of NFTs are not going to work as you can watch from a standard/objective point of view (  Crypto, NFTs, Blockchain …………. The uncertainty we miss. ) , people still believe they will work and will enter the NFT world without thinking properly about what really are they dealing with?   Gary Vaynerchuck says: (Instagram link: Gary about NFT )   "NFTs will get to success in the path of communication" (in simple language people who wanna show-off more). And so, he’s definitely interested in using this opportunity, why? Because he knows he’s a businessman. He could become a full-time philosopher and say what the truth really is i.e., NFTs are not really going to work, BUT he’ll not say it obviously and instead, he’ll use the momentum of the market as an opportunity, and say “most NFT projects are not going to succeed but the world doesn’t wor

Policy’s & rules

The minute something goes wrong, what do we do?   Mostly, people create policies that no one will get benefit from.   “The students of schools/universities are cheating and are not employable” problem arrived. What do we do? We create policies/rules. The rule is if you cheat, you’ll not be given chance or we’ll make the punishments even more severe or annihilating so kids will not copy and will study. Really! do you think it really solves the problem?   "The employees are not taking responsibility" , Let’s create policy. Employees shall not take help from other employees to finish their job, threaten them with some rules or a deal i.e. if you don't do that we'll not consider you in XYZ things and not provide proper benefits to you. Again a pathetic idea.   This is not solving a problem, it is bureaucracy. What would these things lead to? Think your own way, will kids start learning or will they try to find a way they can pass the test?   What companies will suff

Prediction touching reality

Well, if you are watching what is going on in marvel right now?   They released the series “What… If?” ( I know it’s released before but still I am not much in keeping information of which industry is coming up with what, because mostly they show-off more when the talk is before release to just create a status. So, I just need to watch the movie and will give feedback on the movie not on how much hype it created before release ), it is animation or animation industry taking over the classic acting (Though the people acting/classic acting still will remain but) but, the animation is what big production art/house/studio makers like marvel are focusing on.   I wrote a blog ( Link: Animation: the new face of movie and content industry ) before, where I mentioned how this industry is taking over.   The real question is as we have the availability & resources abundant now where every single person (majority of people) who wanted to create/make his/her movie/series/comic/graphic novel/

Sophisticated/Civilized and manners don’t lead to audience…. (Eg: Joel spolsky)

The problem with sophisticated behavior or manners is, it doesn’t allow creativity to come in, and instead, it chooses “showing-off” as a way to show we are mannered or very classy.   So, when small businesses are operating, they know they don’t have much cash to spend and the only way forward is to embrace creativity. Once they become big, the real issue or the thing they have to take care of is “FEAR”. As they just believe in their minds that they have a reputation and now we must show formality and sophistication, which lead to a wrong way for the actual growth of them.   Because what sophisticated majorly will tell you, “You have money, spend it on ads, we are reputed people we must run ads that is what big companies do” and that is a bad decision.     Consider Joel Spolsky (Software developer) as an example: What did he do?   1) Joel has the knowledge of software developers, and so he decides to share it and put that in his blogs. 2) The other software developers, not all people