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Had a good Sleep?

How strange it seemed when I was told that if you don't dream while sleeping and can go to bed and get a peaceful sleep easily without any problem it may be because you are tired? and that maybe is a good marker to consider as you did hard work today, and as you didn't hold back to work hard you are getting a nice peaceful sleep. On the contrary, you can consider that one of the reasons to not have a good sleep is maybe laziness. either physical laziness or mental laziness or maybe both.  Most of the time if you do not have a job/work-to-do as a person who is required to work hard physically, you can consider your mental work as a marker as to when you don't have a good sleep it maybe means you have not worked hard enough that you could get tired by the end of the night. Even though I never understand what type of relation dreams had with a sound sleep, but never minded as it was something that made a little sense to realize that "You may have not worked hard enough to