Wisdom, Wealth, Philosophy

Wisdom has very little to do with wealth. Most of the philosopher's, inventors, scientists whose wisdom are talked about in present time are not someone who came from a desire of accumulating wealth. 

Steve Wozniak was not involved in working on Apple because he wants to get huge wealth, even though he knew what he's working on is something worthy enough to be considered. 

Sometimes wisdom can also lead to invention, discovery, innovation of something new and truly disrupting. 

Bruce lee. Marital arts and philosophy. Kind of ironic right. It's one kind of wisdom.

Pythagoras, mathematician and philosopher. Invention.

One more term after all these terms (Wisdom, Wealth, philosophy). 

That is, curiosity.

 Again, curiosity has different ways of defining dependent on the person.

One curiosity: wanting and craving to know new more, learn new more, read new more, understand new more. 

Second one: executing new more, learn new from that execution more, articulate the new more. 

1st one of curiosity can come from some paranoia, wanting to make excuse and to not act, and a lot of other factors.

2nd type of curiosity would come from a little complex list of reasons. 

Naive person has little knowledge about himself and rarely thinks about how someone else thinks. Making it easy for him to be courageous to act if the technicalities of execution are of less challenge to them. The more self conscious you are about yourself, the harder it gets for you to get confident. It is a little bit like the Dunning Kruger effect. 

Foresightedness coming from strong intelligence and observation skills makes it easy for one having difficulty to have a vision. Batman is certainly one of the most famous characters: having an excellent foresightedness and preparedness for the upcoming chaos. This is about facing your fears voluntarily to overcome them, which Batman does. That's curiosity coming from courage to take action of facing one's own fears.

Wealth is highly separate topic from all of these. It's more of a luck-based, obsession-based, obsession derived from deprived materialistic needs of childhood, smartness to monetize invention or innovation to your own advantage type of skill, etc. Even though there are lots of factors that contribute towards the creation of wealth. 

It's possible for a person who has accumulated wealth , also to be a philosopher or an inventor or possessor of deep wisdom. 

But the same is not true for the other way around.

Wealth creation is a set of attitude, skills, smartness to use any opportunity, wisdom, or philosophy at your advantage for a long term. 

But you'll rarely see, inventors, artists,  impact creating scientists, wisdom-seekers, philosopher's 



ever getting motivated by money or wealth. 

PS: something even interesting, even though  (Wisdom-seekers, philosophers, scientists and all such change makers) not driven by wealth, they fundamentally understand the value and power money possesses. 

Wealth, Wisdom, philosophy even though are not like some binary/ black and white ideas. The curiosity (curiosity 2nd one) to act on them defines at some level the individual differences between them.

Wisdom, philosophy for example, 

If you love gaining Wisdom (or have much affection towards philosophy) or you like to read or understand the fundamental nuances because of high observation skills leading to a point where you can understand things from different points of view, than this is what the path leads to if seeking Wisdom is something you enjoy. That is, you gain ability to think from a lot of different angles and POV. 

WISDOM:  this path leads to a thinking from more different points of view, rather than just your own. 

Which also means, that you'll not get much interested about your own things or experiences, because the world is so much diverse that your taste about learning about those unknown things have leveled up so High that it detaches you from your own unknown things. 

Most of the things scientists do leads to the betterment of community or society at large scale if their work is phenomenal, but the motive they had while starting their journey was never about the results, so it's not a plan or strategy used for individual benefit unlike wealth creator possess.

 It is like "you loving to study or research or invent because the mystery until you discover some things to get the new" keeps you thrilled. 

On the other hand, wealth is in one way like Wisdom but if wealth seeking is ingrained in your personality type, than just like the pioneer or inventor or scientist you too would be thrilled  to know about the new stuff or what impact you can create, But the fundamental goal about your personal gain for wealth is something You'll never loose your sight from, because it's your strong vision. 

Wealth seeker is very much like a problem solver who doesn't care about the status quo, about how we solve problem's, what approaches to take or should be allowed or restricted. 

He just likes to get things done, and in pursuit of that, he very well will not mind to become a philosopher or gain Wisdom if that is something it demands to get what he wants which is wealth.

Often times people having great skills or smartness of creating wealth or leveraging opportunities or innovations have a self awareness about what wisdom is, and they're implicitly aware of the fact that if they think too much about wisdom they'll loose their sight about what they want and so it's a voluntary decision from their side to not think about other stuff and focus more on their execution or themselves more because Wisdom or philosophy in one way or another will definitely give you a feeling of nihilism.