Arrogant AI ?

 Our survival instinct always has helped us survive through rough times throughout human history. And so it is quite obvious that we like confidence, we appreciate confidence than any other characteristics of human when the choices are around taking risks, betting, hiring, etc. The right way to describe such behaviour of humans towards confidence would be "humans get influenced by confidence easily and willingly get sold out to someone who assures us a guarantee or an immutable truth." 

You know it well that google doesn't give you the answer you are looking for or gives you the exact answer that you want, it just sells you it's confidence like if it is like an actual human having characteristics of arrogance, but remember AI is not human. It's a code written by a human, and when we sell confidence it surely influences a big number of people because people are not confident on themselves.

That is also a reason when you look at chatGPT a tool that answers your questions like a human (even though not being a human) , it still is like an arrogant human influencing people to believe in or buy in the fact that if I have an answer for your question, it is correct for sure. But is it?

AI is not what you watch in films and TV shows, AI doesn't control us or manipulate us, it's written and created by humans and will do what we design it for, ..

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