Escape for writers. Unnecessary humour/Marvel

Story writing needs a lot of precision and intellect to realize the intelligence of readers/viewers. Don’t let the dialogues make the medium or the bridge that will tell the audience what is going on, let the story happen to the characters, and people will follow and deduct the situations on their own observation skills.
Marvel is not something that comes under great storytelling, it is a great thing that raised the bar of the superhero genre, but it still is not in the game of powerful storytelling. The American superhero genre has been pushing itself towards a place where creating the hype of a show is done heavily, and they are getting more monetary returns from that. But people do realize the hype. People are not stupid, the thing that marketing people know is that trigger in the mass, when most people around you say XYZ thing is great and you disagree, you doubt your opinion until and unless you have nurtured the habit of deducting and thinking with proper discipline.
Yes, the marvel is not involved in making great storytelling. The thing you would have seen a lot in superhero cinema or any other cinema where the world is going to end (or is other words superheroes or their enemies want to destroy the world, and that’s a boring part actually because movies/Tv-Show creators never actually are able to write the proper reason in story "why destroy?"). Never ever there has been a show that convinces you of the cruelty that happens when chaos occurs to whole humanity and what human conditioning are than in Attack on Titan.(no-spoilers)
The hype is something that is a problem but until and unless you don't have grounds to prove that a thing is overrated, you should not say it is overrated.
Marvel uses a lot of humor in their story. Should it be a problem? No. But the answer will change if the humor was injected in the story because we don’t have much things to write or we don’t want to put hard work to write something that can elevate the efficiency of the story. It is a kind of escape for writers.
Some worst movies that I encountered:
Eternals (no time given to write a good script)
Jumanji 2 (Dwayne Johnson is not a great actor, but kind of more of a celebrity. you don't see the character in the film you see Dwayne in the film which none of the cinema lovers want)
Captain Marvel (Made in a hurry, not much character time and study done)

A lot of Marvel films do consist of humour and that's not wrong. but the audience actually are able to see it is unnecessary humour used to hide from writing a better story or level up the efficiency of stories written.  

Well, this list can go on and would be really long.
Some really good movies I encountered:
The Hunt (Denmark movie: Jagten (in Denmark)) 
Your name (this film is one of the best ways to learn how and when to put a cliffhanger)
Dark knight
Black Panther

PS: this is one of my favorite talks about films by Quentin Tarantino: