Problem Solving. [Solomon's paradox]

Should you suggest, provided you don’t know much about the thing?
The answer is not a unidimensional or a binary but it lies in a spectrum of your self-awareness and also with your observation skills. Now, there is something that you don’t have to give advice on that is the medical field or something like that because there are experts who have done their study and research who are far better than you, also there is something called a totally na├»ve person giving advice or you can say Dunning Kruger effect.
So, understand Solomon’s paradox. The person who can give very wise advice to others but is certainly unable to incorporate in himself/herself. Now, the truth is we all humans at some level come into the category of this phenomenon. The reason we can give very good or practical solutions to someone about a problem they are facing which is one of the problems that we too face in real life is because when we see problems objectively, we 
actually come up with good solutions. Now, it does not mean all humans are great problem solvers, but you do give good solutions to others. Also, you struggle to incorporate it into your own life.  
So, should you practice giving solutions to others that you are unable to incorporate? Well, yes you could, and at least try your best to do because what you are doing is reasoning even for the sake of someone else. But, again things are not binary, generalization is not problem-solving/reasoning/critical thinking. Generalization should not reach to oversimplification of things that do not require simplification, Maybe some things out of hundred different things demand nuances, and complexity in them and they are far better not be generalized.
The problem that occurs when people give anecdotal, generalized, and oversimplified advice can’t be solved until we can have a healthy culture where we can review other people’s advice that is opposite of scientific advice/ common-sensical advice.
But, you do not need to give advice on the internet or the world, you can give better suggestions to your peers and maybe it would help you to reflect upon yourself and could help you solve your problems on your own with time. But it depends on how much introspection you can incorporate with time.