Hate that ringtone. Better text it. (Basecamp or Gmail)

In era of internet where your decision needs to be precise and also people around having less time to pay attention to, we would ignore most of unnecessary interactions. The obvious thing we do is ignore. Don't feel that you're ignorant it's a good decision to not give your attention and trust to short sighted, unnecessary shit things that claim they deserve your attention. 
Most of the interactions we like to do is through text and not a call. Because you know you hate to pick that phone and will have to pour your time and energy specifically to someone who you may not regard as of much importance to the subject.
Spamming is available in both, calls & texts. But the reason spammers love text is because they can know text delivers your message & if the person is disappointed, he/she won't revert back and they(spammers) mostly are expecting the same to happen. They can elongate the list of people they interrupted no matter how much ROI they got. It's good to use this event as escape or hide from the work. One more thing, people hate spammers who call, more than the one who text.
That's why you'd hate the ringtone even if you know the call is from your colleague or boss or friend.  It seems obvious as, if we picked the call, we'll be assigned a work but cannot escape with arguments.
Your most obvious reaction to your ringtone "Uh! Who's calling now? Is there any deadline again? couldn't they specify those in message or inform earlier? "
Don't blame yourself to be ignorant, it's their fault that they can't fix the things regarding spam & promotion folders in Gmail, outlook, etc. Because we all may think these services are best of inventions, but the thing we have to acknowledge is that they are not best, but they were 1st and only one in their domain i.e., first level of service or business made through internet. And the guys at the Basecamp realized, it is not efficient, that these businesses are not much efficient in providing or seeking creativity and art and understanding customers. They realized that seeking everyone and providing this type of service to everyone is not a good decision but seeking the small audience that needs it is what would be a better decision.
That's why they created "HEY" it may not be used by everyone, also it may not be a replacement for Gmail, but we are fine until we serve the audience we really seek to serve for.
The problem people make while starting is seeking for uniqueness and use it to make excuses to not put in the work. Everyone could say "why make another texting service or business while Gmail, what's app etc. are already there"
Instead, you could ask a better question "How can I/we make it better!"
The people who may say, “Even if Facebook ads & google ads don't work, it still works in tier 3 cities where people have just started to use Facebook type platforms and there is a huge population of such people available"
needs to ask the question:
"For how much time can you think it will work, & even if works for capitalistic goals, did it make any greater impact in audience? What's the future?" 

PS:  look at the search results google is providing for what I'm searching. Its time people understand the state of ads business.