Who is your marketer? (Or is it you)

It is a controversial thing to say but it carries truth and that is the term or the position marketer of the organization is not a good thing to consider, As every person working in the community is a marketer: a representor of their community. 
Yes, we are all marketers. And it is not evil or selfish.
It seems or looks selfish bcoz for years there were an innumerable amount of people who were short-sighted, greedy, interrupted & irritated everyone for the attention.
So because of such few people, marketing word had got this bad reputation.
The truth is Marketer of our organization is an easy way to point fingers and blame someone from an organization that failed to deliver any good returns in terms of publicity or marketing.
Think about it again, when your publicity or marketing suffers, who do you point out? Who do you blame? To whom do you say that, if you don't deliver profits, we'll fire you?
Remember it's not always the marketer's fault cause she/he doesn't exist, everyone in the community is a representative of their organization and there maybe was the fault in other departments' work that's not causing a good ROI to happen.
So next time when you think about the problem of marketing or reputation of the organization, be sure to not get manipulated by status roles of people and be even more sure before you blame someone as there will be this resistance then between you and them, when they'll know that it was not their fault, still you're not pointing others but him/her.