What famous costs, ...... (“One direction” is an example)

There is no single one-sided binary answer.
All of us have this want to become famous or known at a young age for particular things which we can show the world that “I made this.”
This want is not evil or some bad thing, it is just or craving for things that we don’t understand. The thing is we try to get things which we don’t have much idea about and we also want it all at once.
What is the difference between a person who becomes known in a community bit by bit one step at a time
a person who becomes an overnight sensation?
Like, you put a song on the internet it gets tons of likes and makes you famous, But you’re a teenager who has no idea of how things around us work?
Mostly, every one, one of us can’t figure out what we are interested in what our priorities are what we really expect of ourselves and others, it is actually narcissism that takes over when we become famous, it is a thing to think about because you have to make a decision whether you’ll try to enhance that being famous by doing what people liked from you until now or you’ll start to think about it in an eagle’s eye viewpoint to know what it’ll do to your life?
Now, this is not a verified or guaranteed truth or some fact-checking answer that I am giving here, it is my perspective or observations drawn from things that I saw, and let’s talk about it i.e. The band “One direction”, a boy band which became famous for their songs around the world.
The members of this band were teenage kids when they became a band, and after successful hits of their songs, a few years later the band parted up i.e., they stopped their work in songs working together. The media & internet did their worst possible jobs after that, as it is easy to say “well the band broke because people don’t adjust or not being good enough to each other” and every possible anecdote you can imagine will be available on the internet.
If we take a step back and see from start, the kids interested in music [remember the word kids] are brought together and as you are young just knowing that you were interested in music and don’t actually have the idea of what kind of taste/genre/behavior/songs excites you, So when this happens the big decisions (Actually these decisions are nothing more to make successful songs and hits, there is no space for individuals passion or there is no question about what type of singing you like, but we want you to sing only those songs that will produce hits and success) needed to be taken by management & obviously kids can’t decide as they don’t have much idea about those things.
So, when a band member says “I don’t enjoy this kind of music or song or can’t remain in the band anymore because I wanna chase the taste of music I appreciate” It is not a signal to start judging that there might be stress in a relationship.
This applies not just to the music industry, when we get famous (remember famous and successful are two different things: Small successes have importance with them because people start bragging about failure is necessary, there is no such thing the context or the choices matters and at the end, things are always different when you think it from an individualistic point of view) at a young age, it will now depend on how much maturity and understanding you have which will decide the choices you would make.
“One direction” is just a small example here, mostly singers who are ultra-famous are the ones who became famous at a young age, but it leaves a question to you that:
Do you have even the slightest idea what their life is or what they are?
Do you have any source or any verification of what they feel or what they are?
Do you agree what’s written above here is the ultimate truth or there may be something more than this? Or you have just one thing to say which is “I don’t know” 
Because the whole thing that you read right now is also not a complete truth.