Gossip is great.

Gossip seems low or mediocre or low-status word for some people,
Is it really?
We are Rich, we don't gossip
We are intellectuals, we don't gossip.
We are progress-making students, we don't gossip.
We are recruiters, we don't gossip.
We are a group of special achievers or achiever communities, we don’t gossip.
This is nothing more than narcissistic characteristics to tell yourself.
Every one of us gossip, don't you like to talk to your parents/partner/siblings/friends and gossip about things randomly. The reality is, it is about the right conversations with the right people, but Gossip is random it does not follow rules that’s why it’s gossip. If you can’t gossip openly with your friends (or anyone), they are not much human in your relationship and make sure you find the ones who are more human for you.
If you are happy, you don't ask yourself that, am I happy?
Don't act like you are a genius who doesn't gossip and talk only about productive & creative things. People who know they are productive or creative don't say I talk about creative things; they know they don't need to talk about it because ultimately, they'll forget all conversation and it's easy to let the conversation be random (in proper context) and nonsense because after all they too enjoy it and appreciate it.
So, it is better to be someone like
“When I talk to people it should also consist pure shenanigans in it. Otherwise, it’s not human talk at all”
"Don't tell me what productivity & creativity is, I can figure out and will figure out my shit on my own" (Note: don't just say it)
(It applies not just to your friends, parents, partner, but also to the internet itself)