My most popular blog posts

…Are not my best blogs.
As you may notice every week/month/year the best music albums recorded or the best comic written or best movies, change. Similarly, ‘the best posts are rarely the posts that were read by most people’.
This means when you need to keep track of your best art delivered, you have to let go of the distractions of market judging whether you made it good or bad. As no-one knows your story completely and will never know even if you showcase your whole life, your story is never completely reveled.
I am working on it to deliver the posts that are best (it may not be best for audience, and I am OK with it, it may happen that out of 1000s of blog which I would write, only 2 blog may help you, & that’s OK) and let it be there on internet. Even if no-one reads it, I have an evidence that I can say in future that “I said this. I teached this. I predicted this.”  
Sorry for wait, but it’s hard you have other works to do, but writing everyday is really a privilege.