How amazon changed and how others got influenced?

The reason how timing and conditions decide is best explained by examples of amazon’s kindle.
Think about it before kindle JK Rowling's Harry Potter would flourish bcoz when you're kid in that time and enter the book store to buy the book, the book seller would tell you this (Harry Potter) is good, it's new version has arrived. You could purchase it now. And that's what people did, bought the book and that's how it helped JK Rowling to come forward.
Now again after amazon kindle the book or the series that went flourishing like Harry Potter was the Fifty Shades of Grey, but the reason for it’s flourishment is totally opposite of what made Harry Potter famous. It's the amazon Kindle. Bcoz you don't want your parents or siblings or friends or cousins to know that you've the book. But you knew you could read it without anyone knowing on your amazon Kindle. That's what changes the situation.
Before amazon Kindle “Harry Potter” wins bcoz of the absence of kindle, after kindle “Fifty Shades of Grey” wins Bcoz of presence of kindle.
What's worth to notice is the culture amazon is making, do doubt that they've a created an environment of monopoly, we must notice that what they are really about is they sell everything (I’m talking about it’s retail culture, not cloud), pretty powerful it may seem but the question is now they don't have a path to promote good stuff over bad. It has totally changed what it was at beginning. When it started for 1st 10 to 20 years no-one knew about amazon as they didn't ran ads, but what they had focused was when people buy stuff & talk with others and say "I bought this & it got delivered same day." this helped them grew.  But now they lack path to give an insight of what they could promote about themselves. Jeff Bezos told it clearly about amazon that: it would not remain where it is forever. Now what would be interesting will be how amazon would tackle this challenge to make a change happen in the ecosystem. Bcoz public companies that are growing tend to create a toxic environment, not bcoz someone’s intentions are misplaced or something like that. But you’re surrounded by people who have stock options, some have enough stock options That even if stock price goes up 2or3 $, they could make millions, So here you have to decide as you know your decision costs million to others and decide what’s right thing to do? And it is hard to make a decision here. Stock market brings with it the greedy, selfish, manipulative and short-sighted and leads sabotaging for organization. That are challenges amazon have to deal with.