Comfort zone and Safe zone.

Comfort zone & safe zone are two different things
If you close your doors & windows and boundaries around you or your home, you feel comfortable as well as safe too.  Bcoz you don't worry about some burglar; as you're safe. 
When comfort & safe zones are in same place at a time, you're in a great place. Congratulations.
But if your comfort zone & safety zone are different i.e. they are not together, you need to worry Bcoz now you're not safe, in comfort zone. If you know about your team or organization or your boss himself, is not doing productive things or is not doing what matters and you know we're not in safe zone, you need to do something about it bcoz you're not safe, and these continuous denied unproductive actions will cost you when the organization collapse or your boss has nothing to say and offer but put the shutter down. It’s a myth that one wrong decision causes an organization to collapse or gets it annihilated. It’s wrong bcoz instead what causes annihilation is the series of wrong decision/actions/unproductive practices that could be committed and is not being stopped by the other members of tribes.   
It’s not that comfort & safety zones are some complimentary or rivalry of each other, it’s deciding whether our comfort zone is within safe zone or not. But the hustle culture is toxic bcoz it constantly tells you to never be comfortable, it tells you to be like a workaholic which is overrated word again. Workaholic never means more productive work; workaholic just means more work. It was never defined that workaholics are productive.