Why write a Blog?

1) Why I do blogging
To know how much diverse, I can think upon and tell these things to point them out to people, it's needed to be done bcoz to know how much I can give except just reading books and making career.
2) What problem are you solving?
To make people enlight about some facts that our parents & environment fails to teach. We have a lot of garbage filled in our head bcoz of this noisy social media and un-needed suggestions given by our near ones.
Also important to note you need to work and start to know what experience teaches you. I got a reply from a person whom even I don't know but he commented and appreciated my work. That's why it may matter.
Maybe it could have been already done by someone else but in noisy world you can't quit just bcoz someone else is doing the same. You've your own story to tell.
3) Is this actually useful?
It depends on how people perceive it, my work is to ship this art or work of how to think, it's my work to be unbiased and tell people this story of rational thinking.
It's never going to give an answer that is right or wrong objectively, Answer is always going to remain subjective.
Not to forget I don't blog for making money.  I blog bcoz I have too, bcoz to make my mind and give a space where we are alone with just my voice there.
My intention is never to tell people what to do. My intention is to point out things, if things are not working well in system I believe why we even need this now, we need to change.  It's choice of people to decide what to do. It's not a guarantee card from me, it's just my perceptions or my voice. So goal is not to tell "what to do?" but the goal is to teach "how to do?"

So Start thinking.