Can you use Ego to succeed?

1st ego can be used in two ways, defense mechanism and attack mode both. Your ego can get hurt when they say I gotta born to do some great thing. Some people can use ego as driving force at different level, if you watch closely some specific people that you observe are highly egoistic, but their ego is their sole part of their personality. Their ego is what makes them unique, their such persona is sometimes the reason their work delivery i.e. the work they carry out, is different from others.
We think ego cannot drive you to success, and I believe nothing is objective/absolute in life i.e. everything is subjective/relative. The reason why we say such thing that EGO will not let you succeed in life you’ll fail, your ego will make you blind, you would lose focus, is bcoz we love this argument when we see others who are succeeding in their work sometimes due to EGO, we feel uncomfortable, That’s why we give ourselves a confirmation to approve our argument.
We think great people or successful people who are out there, don’t have EGO. It’s a cheap argument. Think it in this way, let’s say you are that successful person that you wanted to be and you are someone who started from zero with no support from other. Now think of it as you are not alone in the industry, you are present where successful people are around you. Never forget that as people know you are coming from zero i.e. you started from zero to here, they may be humble to you cause of your struggle, but remember as they know you started from bottom they have this bias in their mind which tells them this person has come from that small place he/she must not be knowing much about glamour industry our high standards, they are not our type of people, they can’t fit in our tribes.  Don’t forget every person somehow creates his own tribes/group, & egoistic people have a good grasp of making a group, Why? Bcoz they believe that “if I didn’t protect my powerful image, I didn’t stop anyone to point at my image acknowledging them that I’m more than enough than your suggestion, someone else would crush my opportunity and team up with the one with whom I’m working” So they don’t miss out an opportunity, that’s why they are pretty great at creating situation that benefits them.
Shah Rukh khan is a great motivation for almost anyone who enters film industry, not bcoz of his acting but bcoz of his monetary success which is in millions of dollars. Definitely he can’t be told greatest actor he’s certainly not but the story of him coming from middle class family to such a huge fame implies the reality of what he knows about world. He knows in world you don’t need to be authentic, you need more diplomatic and practical thinking. Given to choose a great acting tag vs getting rich, it’s clear he chooses getting rich. But never compromise in telling media of he being considering he’s greatest actor.  Now we have not spend any time being in his shoes, so we can’t say much about him. But there is no doubt that he has created a whole new path for his next generations, by accumulating such a fortune. In fact, sometimes when I look closely to his life, it sometimes seems to me interesting about how a person manages his authenticity and the messages that ego tells us inside our brain. Would you now say EGO is not good for you?  
This is not just story of Shah Rukh khan. It’s almost story of a lot successful people, just try visualize, do you genuinely believe that getting to top like Steve jobs or bill gates or someone like them would be a kind of person that cares a lot of their employs in their initial carrier phase? Answer is no. They were not. Don’t compare all this to ruthlessness, I explained what ruthlessness is in previous blogs.  This are the active mode of EGO, this ego doesn’t come from thinking so high about yourself, this comes from the FEAR. Fear that I would lose, fear that I would again be pushed to poverty or my opportunities would be crushed if I don’t take stand for what I want. That’s the reason we can’t say they are ruthless.  
Again I/we don’t know how they think, what they believe but just notice that the EGO driven by the fear mentioned above is a lot different from the EGO that takes birth due to ruthlessness inside us.
So think that you are like above mentioned people successful driven by EGO, what you not do is you don’t crush someone’s opportunity to grow, not stopping someone to stand for their own dream. BUT what you would take care of is you’ll never allow their growth or their opportunities or their domination to make fun of your work or degrade your image even a little bit. You’ll appreciate their work but would no doubt become their rival or ban them or seize their opportunity if they are in your path of growth.
So ask yourself again, Does EGO hinders your life or it reinforces or is it context that decides?
Before deciding go and do read previous blogs, (Link here: click to read: Don't suggest, your ego is not sleeping)to know how ego can destroy you too. And answer only when you know both sides of it.