PERSONALITY dependent consumption and creation

Most of the time the self-help we consume teaches us that self-help is a dumb argument, start doing your own work. It is ironic in itself. News-paper outsell Books, and Books outsell Research papers, and research papers outsell harsh truth-speaking people who are really real.
Even if you are reading this blog or any such article which seems interesting to you is contradicting itself by saying stop self-help thing. Because this too is the same. It depends on you, whether give up reading things that you do not really need, and focus on your own shit. It depends on you, that if after reading this or any such article you do not consume and rather focus on your own things.
The argument that Seth Godin gave us after writing All Marketers are Liars/Tell Stories. The thing is, in a way we can say that it tells, there is no truth, there is a story which when resonates with people that we want to seek, we can become great in businesses and spreading ideas. In this way, it also means that The Fashion and Beauty industry that we say is selling huge insecurity to the world is also a Great Business. Remember I said, it is a great business and not “a Good thing” according to your personality if you find it immoral.
Because again the argument is legit, some people are resonating with the product those billion-dollar companies are selling and these people are ready to and want these industries to stay. Because it is right and good, in their point of view i.e., it is right from their story.
So, the solution to such a thing is not about censoring or shutting down such businesses, because it does not solve it. The thing is about making people learn, How to think? And make them self-aware. But the Self-help world and motivational speakers in the world do not seem to do that, somehow, they have figured out that they themselves, can get the benefit by selling people things that make them feel comfortable all time. Whereas, the truth is: “Things that add betterment to your life are not about happiness (short-term), they are about hard work (long-term)”
You do not need to follow/share/read, about successful people, if the only reason you give yourself is “These people came from the bottom, and rose up to success by themselves”. Because if that is the case, then you should be also following 99% of Africans, Asians, and 99% of people in the world, because they all are working hard, fighting every day in their life to live. Just because some people say on the stage or the world asks you to read that biography because they struggled, better acknowledge that 99% of the world struggles and there is nothing different, If you really are curious about reading them, you do not need someone’s suggestion to do that work. I would read that biography if my mind is curious about knowing it, but I will never read it because someone else suggests it saying that shit.
So, adding something extra to philosophy or saying by Seth Godin, that even Word of Mouth marketing is not marketing we need in the world, We need more of the product and service which can deliver the better quality than their persona. People may buy, things that make them feel better, but those are actually more of an illusion that is not liked by people of a certain personality. Yes, there are people who love being the center of attention/narcissist, but there is no need to tag them as immoral, it is their personality just as your is not to be a narcissist.  
So, yes this leads us to a theory that people who heavily are ready to buy expensive Fashion and beauty products, expensive services which are delivering the same quality but just have a status, are highly weird, narcissistic people at the end because at the end it is all about personality that you possess.