Limits. (WORDLE)

Infinity is a great idea to talk about and discuss only if you are doing the math. Everything else in the world and your life has limits and it is interesting. It gives a sense of awareness to us about the edges we can reach and once we do we can have new limits.
When there is a limit to using Wordle and also it is something you can share with the world, it makes it something interesting for people. The real problem arrives when you think of leveraging the idea.
Josh Wardle made it as a side gig or you can call it as a project for the amusement of a small community (precisely very small: only his friends and him) and it got picked up by a few tech bloggers and the idea spread. The crux of the situation tells us the idea behind it was not around leveraging or some kind of business, and so when the New York Times buys the thing, the question is: How is it going to help you(them) earn? It may be widely popular but Are people going to pay if one day you announce that it is no longer free? Although New York Times already has the Letterbox, Spelling Bee, The Crossword, how is it going to help is still not transparent to us, maybe New York Times had figured it out, or maybe not. We don’t know that.
The thing is that the open-source projects are hard to capitalize on because they are driven by people curious to solve the problem and not by a sense of creating something that they can leverage upon.