Why not criticize?

The thing about youtube or any other platform (exclude US at least in some cases): there is this thing not happening which is “People don’t talk” (Not that talk talk thing, but discussion, the debate, the counter opinions). It is just like, everyone just like broadcasts their ideas, and this is it. It is broadcasted and there is nothing like a scientific tradition which is peer review happening. Where is the review, the questioning to those ideas, the debate or discussion?
So, what is actually happening here? There definitely must be people who would disagree with the arguments that are broadcasted, and it is completely a thing because they are in the right to do so because everyone has their own life, experiences, and points of view. But the beauty arrives when you serve all different points of view on the table that may be contradicting too with each other but even then, it is a great thing to do. The coexistence of ideas on the table will bring intellectual growth to the community. This is something that happens very well in the Joe Rogan podcast. He is not spoon-feeding singular black and white discussion to you; it works well because there's discussion and review going on.
Where is the verification happening if you are just singularly sharing ideas? no one tries to criticize, we just listen to shit like a lot of ideas you see on the internet where you can see the content of all kinds where people are giving you advice, sharing thoughts, etc., etc. but again, where is the counter view? There is this perception where creators think they have to somehow criticize from a villainous standpoint. That somehow, I have to snub somebody for me to win.
When you buy shoes from somewhere and if they didn’t meet the expectation as promised, you definitely complain, don’t you? Then why stop when similar happens in the transaction of ideas?
Somehow people whom you consider as good people on the internet have brainwashed you to refrain from speaking anything counter to some argument. People just name it negativity or hate speech to crush the criticism that is real. This all is perpetuated by the same people who like to just broadcast ideas.
Do it, make a counter-opinion, not a counterattack that seems like revenge or an answer to some persona. But because you have a counterpoint and grounds to prove it. Human thoughts hold capitalistic value, why not think like that? Don’t think there exist something like an intellectual might, that no one can criticize XYZ person. If you have beautiful thoughts bring them to the table.