The Sad Side of Market, And the reality of the parameters deciding who shall be the winner.

The thing about marketing or our choices is so weird for us to understand that our choices are not decided because of the word-of-mouth marketing but it happens by status. Wait! But does status not come from word-of-mouth marketing itself? The answer is NO. Status mostly does not come from word-of-mouth marketing, it mostly comes from oversimplification, desire for more, narcissism that can have a wide range, etc.
Think about a fiction you suggested to your friends but they didn’t try it out. And for now, again, think about the same scenario but change a little situation here by quantity, i.e., Not just you but more than 50% of people around your friends are talking about and suggesting the same fiction. There is a high probability that your friend will pick that fiction. You do not pick Harry potter just because your 1/2/3/4 friends suggested you, but you picked it because the majority of your friends were talking and suggesting about it.
So a little sad thing about the market is that famous and status always have a high chance to take a huge share of the market. Because if once you already have a competitor possessing status/fame in that market, it is hard even if you have excellent word-of-mouth marketing.
And, the thing about fame/status is that it is based on the personality of individuals. Not all people like to become relevant by being famous or by portraying themselves as the most worthy candidate in their niche.
The bad news is, the narcissist will have more market share because their tendency itself lies in remaining in front of the eyes of people. That is the reason, we have arguments that have said: “Famous does not mean remarkable”. But even if we say those statements, we cannot change the famous from getting the market share because it is the personality of famous that it will get more eyeballs and more opportunities.  
The interesting thing is to watch what shall happen to this culture/belief/happening in the future?

Will the majority of individuals in the coming time become highly mature enough to decide whether to buy things on the basis of critical thinking and the worthiness of the service?
It would all remain the same, as it is, buying stuff on basis of what has more fame or narcissism.