SUFFER or Become rational to benefit yourself.

Innocence and naivety-type behavior possessing people will have to suffer in life for sure. Never become a naive innocent person. If you are, work on it, train yourself to question things instead of blindly accepting them. Be skeptical towards things, parents, friends, teachers, siblings, your Juniors, YouTubers, entrepreneurs, billionaires, Motivational speakers, president, lawyers, books or newspaper column writers, everyone.
It is just a childish thing to have desire or daydream about possessing childish behavior and consider it a cute and amazing thing that looks so happy and full of life type thing.
But the reality is that you are not a kid anymore, you are now a teenager or adult.
How to identify loyal people?
By not trusting anybody blindly. By collecting data about, and noticing what different people's limits are. By accepting the fact that there is no one completely good or bad. By accepting the fact that, under given circumstances, people may find reasons and justification to betray you. By understanding that the only person you have to be entirely loyal, honest, and to love is yourself. 
The one who is considering innocence is not a problem, and preaching that all people have the right to be the way they are, i.e. saying in speeches that "if some people possess innocent and naive behavior then let them live the way they are without judging them" are missing a nuance which is, practicality in life. Innocence and naivety shall not have any space in your mind when it is about making critical decisions. Decisions that are taken with critical thinking rather than emotions always stand out in given circumstances. There may be some events where it may seem decision taken on emotional basis won, but the fact is buying a lottery ticket is always a bad decision even if you have won the lottery, do not confuse a good decision with a good outcome.