Understanding Over Intelligence

You can be excellent in making a great career, intelligence (besides the fact there are multiple types of intelligence). Understanding communicates more than your intelligence. Intelligence works to give status to who you professionally are, but rarely does it help you engage with your people. That is what our parents have neglected more often. Once they realize they have the intelligence they for sure try to think they are awesome in parenting, but it is not. Even if you fail to have an excellent career, you can become a good parent, provided the fact that you have understanding.
When you already have an understanding, your persona is no longer connected to an ego that tries to convince the kids that they must look up to you for grading them, and they (kids) can themselves derive their own means to grade themselves. Now the kid no longer believes that you are the only person who knows things better, there is a probability they would question things instead of following your advice without knowing those pieces of advice are old and much unrealistic.  
Problem-solving (Problems related to our own life) is not something people would encourage you to nurture in your life. Yet, they are the one that actually gives the true sense of Critical thinking. This may sound a bit controversial, contradicting, etc., we do not need role models, actually.
Controlling parents have shaped their minds in a way believing that they are intellectual and at even to a great degree believing their kids are innocent/stupid/lack-thinking. Under-estimating the intelligence of someone leads to only one thing, bureaucratic personality, and toxically identifying kids as stupid no matter what their age/ability might be. Such a parent may be an intellectual in their field but lacks Understanding for sure.
What Understanding will tell you is to consider what the Halo effect teaches us, that is, why do I have to show huge respect to the Boss of my parent? Why do I have to listen to billionaires giving advice on relationships? Where is the credibility of theirs which can convince me to accept their authenticity?
What intelligence without understanding does is nurture your narcissism, it will make you believe that the person who is good at making a million dollars is a very well philosophical, Good, ethical, intellectual person? It is the Halo effect!
Why do I have to listen to someone who was just successful in making a lot of money in their life, giving advice on domains they do not belong to, and yet people feel that person is giving great advice.
The Self-help world is ironic in itself. If that self-help or self-help person is really helpful, were you really the one who started to work on your own things, or were you inclined to consume them more. If you watched their youtube videos, had you felt that now, I do not need to watch anything and also, I do not need to watch this video too, Because the video was really helpful. If the arguments of that video were really helpful, you for sure should be able to say that you do not need any other including that video again, because those videos are not for a single person but a huge audience, and when there is something for a huge audience, you must realize that only a few percent of those arguments in that video are for you and not everything. But the work of media/PR is to make you feel every problem in the world as your own problem.
PS: if you do good research about the Dabbawalas, (The Dabbawalas are people who deliver thousands of lunches every single day in Mumbai from a person’s home to their office, Hot & Fresh). The reported error rate is one in six million, even your Uber cannot deliver such efficiency. Can you believe such efficiency by an organization with no internet, no technology, poorly-educated workforce, and still have such six-sigma quality? It is simple, Dabbawalas understands their customers and they know who their customers actually are. If we would have rotated things upside-down there will be no such quality. Uber type or any such thing may have intelligence, but there lacks understanding about responsibility/trust.