Lack of Knowledge

One of the reasons that wealth management researches tell us why the middle class remains a middle class? is because the middle class operates or implements on Fear itself. Fear of unawareness, Lack of knowledge about wealth management.
But, the actual wealth management does not stop at Unawareness/lack of knowledge about wealth management or anything. The fear is marketed or nurtured so powerful to the kids. You are actually taught or a better word is threatened by your own parents/elders/colleagues or fear is nurtured by your own people to you. The ones (the people) who lack knowledge of wealth management. What they rather should have done is to tell you “We lack the knowledge about this thing, but maybe we want you to gain knowledge about it and learn or maybe take the authentic courses, we encourage you to know something we didn’t and maybe after that we can think about implementing that knowledge”.
This is actually a bit of better advice, accepting what we lack and saying to others that “you can study about it, and maybe enlighten us too”  
But stopping them (kids/any dear ones) from even learning about things is still ludicrous. Lack of knowledge maybe is not always a barrier, but maybe, you can think about nurtured fear as one of the reasons, Maybe (“maybe” because there can be a lot of other reasons).
You are ALIVE; you can LEARN. Maybe, this may help to understand, you are being sold to fear and use it as a compass now. Think about it again a little selfishly, if you want to be someone who can make good decisions, LEARN.  
We (Humans) all actually love to have opinions, But we all are nurtured to Fear.