An innumerable amount of content creators/entrepreneurs/businessmen/motivational-speakers try and do level best to teach you a highly generic thing i.e., Ego is the problem, Ego is toxic, Ego is our enemy, Ego possessing leaders never win, Ego possessing companies do not win, etc.
The irony here is most of these people forgot that there are a bunch of companies/leaders/organizations that are earning a huge chunk of money even if they are not organizations that are scammers. Many of them are so big that no one can actually speak against them on the internet, if you do internet itself will demonetize you.
You got to understand that almost every YouTuber/businessman/motivation-giving guy, uses these sentences: “If you want to change your life/mental-health/profession/business follow-me/watch my video/read-my-blog/subscribe my newsletter”, these whole arguments are based on narcissist tendencies. “My product is best for you”, “I need your help to make change happen, and that happens when you subscribe to me” regardless of whatever field they may be. The problem is not that they claim such a thing, the problem is if you say such a thing about your thing being best, do not act, or do not share your ironical advice that is generic/good sounding advice/your philosophical vibe of being open to everything.   
The irony definitely is there, that on one way they say “Their thing is the best solution for you”, “this is the only thing you need” & on another hand they would say so generic things that sound so good like kindness, Ego is the enemy in life, Be Humble, etc.
Oh! Now I got it, our world has not happy and successful people, Why? Because you were not subscribed to them. If you had, then our world would have turned into heaven with positive things.  
You need to understand when your so-called favorite entrepreneurs when say something like “Steve Jobs, Bill gates or any other businessman definitely would not have possessed Ego, they would have been definitely humble, kind, thankful, and that is how they became so successful and that is how people like them earned Billion dollars”. My first question is: How do you know? How do you know they are humble and not a narcissist or toxic? Do you have any data? You know nothing about them, that’s it.
With the greatest of reluctance, I would say that Billionaire is not a small thing to take so lightly to talk about. A person who becomes a billionaire might be accidental in some cases, but saving that spot for years is for no doubt signifies majorly that he/she possesses a strong desire for money (of course if you do not possess that much greed/desire you cannot generate such huge amount of money). They would have no satisfaction even if they win, they will get new competition (a highly hypercompetitive mind). They do not actually care about being Egoistic/humble/kind, the answer is you do not know.
First of all, we somehow believe that there is a very delicate, non-corrupt, divine system at the top, where everything and every person is so good and virtuous without Ego. Ego has a very powerful connection with greed. For fulfilling your greed, you need to sell and earn money, for selling in huge masses you need to become a narcissist and Ego to say to the world “my thing is the best for you”. Even if the thing like Billionaire donating their maximum amount of wealth is somehow proved, I still would have a cloud of skepticism in the back of my head. Because of what we are shown, I do not have any strong paper proof of that being real or fake.