1000Truefans is subjective too. (The mass market also works)

It is better to do all the homework about the task you are going to execute in front of an audience or before putting it out on the internet. Although, you indeed have to start and let go of perfectionism, But there is a difference between progressing and perfectionism.
The more powerful your first impression is, the more you will be able to send the art/business/idea/painting/music/novel, etc. to the audience that is fascinated about it.  
While you are working small to improvise your art so that you can actually make a powerful first impression, also it is better to notice what is going outside and what is the progress of others involved in the same field you are in.
Everyone will start, un-experienced of course, but when you want to make a really powerful first impression, better play it to the small audience while you are making progress to make it strong enough to make a strong first impression to an audience that is bigger than the original one that you performed at the start.
The nuance about 1000 true fans that Kevin Kelly, Seth Godin, and all other great marketers talk about works concerning what the geography and demographics are. I suggest 1000 true fans work in Developed countries more than developing countries. Think about countries where people are not even ready to pay the price of Patron to their favorite YouTubers. In the West, people may find it common that people are willing to pay in patron, but it is not the same case in developing countries.
Again, the reason is not that all people in the West have a lot of cash to give. The reason is somewhere in STATUS too. Assume we are in historic periods where farming was a major sector, you know that you don’t want your family to starve and want to have something like purchasing a cow or chicken so that you can use them to get the money flowing or food coming, but you’ll be still thinking whether you should buy it or not, bcoz what if that chicken has a problem? What if it doesn’t lay eggs? So, you are at an edge whether to buy or not. Except now, let's change the scenario, all your neighbors have chickens, What now? You’ll buy it instantly. Why?
That is S-T-A-T-U-S.
The same is the case with iPhone users. The majority of US are iPhone users, but it does not mean all users in the US can easily afford to buy it, but the above example of chicken. As most people in the US use it, it triggers even the person who feels he/she doesn’t need an iPhone, to buy it anyhow even if it is a little hard to afford.
The same example for developing countries, the people in developing countries cannot be sold a product that is connected to some luxury or is just over-priced. They do not have a “trigger” here. They are more practical people, who are more minimalist than some weird people who want things above necessities. You cannot sell them by making them feel good, the only way to sell them a product/service is its utility. That is the reason Reliance Jio was a success, when it provided low-cost internet service to people and made a huge profit because they know that “here, in this types of places, 1000 true fans concept is of no use, the only concept that works here is the mass market”
And so, the philosophy about 1000true fans concept is subjective and not objective. The concept of the smallest viable audience and 1000true fans works only if you have something to sell which is genuine. Coco-cola cannot say tomorrow, we are after 1000true fans, they have to run ads too because it is about the mass market.