What jokes or memes do we support/allow?

Jokes/memes/stand-up all are one of the ways people express their thoughts. But there is one thing we miss about humor/comedy and that is, it represents the reality of past and present observed by people who share and create it. The memes and jokes show you reality that’s why you laugh at it, because it is a reality shared by all of us.
When you’ll censor and go against religious/cultural humors, the question that these people didn’t ask is: what makes you think it was done on purpose? How you come to this that it mocks your community and at the end what is in it for you? The obvious question people never answer correctly is, “if they have a short temper to take those jokes, why should we tolerate?”
The answer is: either you choose to become someone like them OR you become someone who can say that we don’t do things like that and represent your community in respective ways.
The humor is also one of the things that keeps the story of the topic around for a long time which is similar to word-of-mouth marketing, except this time people are sharing that story only for their purpose of sharing the humor and no intention to talk about that topic.
One thing to take into account if you are a comedian, Refrain trying to share humor and jokes that you know would make trouble for you in future, because the argument about freedom of speech is not much concise and understandable by people. Eg: If you are present in a land where kissing in public is not allowed and is considered as a crime, you are a fool to do it intentionally and saying there is no scope for freedom of speech. You were the one who did not follow the law of the land because they (policy makers) are not only punishing you, they are punishing all who do it. There is no question of it being immoral or unethical about it, off-course there is no doubt it is not immoral to do that xyz act, you say is your freedom, but to remain practical and think about yourself is of more importance because if you get in trouble do not expect someone to help you.   
At the end, censorship for no doubt can never help artists to show up with their art. But if your background, demographics, law of land does not support and allow it, better make decisions that won’t get you in trouble. That would be practically better for you, at least for now. 
Also there needs to be something to check whether the joke was made intentionally to mock someone or not, because again when we give all rights to people to share, the chances are obvious that some people will try to mock someone intentionally.