Something for Contradicting myself.

Violence never was ostracized from our world’s culture. In history we see, the kings were violent, but the King never tried to comply or try to have a peace treaty because the kings in those days knew that if they give a reply to a proposal for peace, his people would doubt his power, intelligence, leadership, etc.
Psychological morale was a great thing to not forget about during those days. Movies may show/teach us good kings tried to accept proposals for peace or they care about the lives of people in the army, but the actual objectivity tells us that most of the kings used torture, war, massacre’s, bloodshed to bring down the psychological morale of the enemies and elevate it for his own army and people. 
How can we say that racism was there in the king’s rule?
Because, what we must realize is, there were no census or data about what population is major or minor.
King’s use the situation as they have the incentive to use the religious language, which means that according to the benefits a king would and may use the momentum that occurs after spreading hate between castes to achieve their narrative. As kings didn’t have any data or census about majority or minority castes.
As politicians use religious tensions to achieve their individualistic narratives, So, do most of the kings in the past use that for their individual goals. 
Now, I may contradict myself by writing the next paragraphs about “Needs” and “wants” based businesses. But anyway just let us understand, there are no truths in the world, everything which we consider truth is truth because we allowed that story to become our truth and our reality.
There are no objective or one-sided truths, and so Businesses too cannot be built around just the needs of people. Needs are highly limited, and those who say businesses should be made around needs are actually having a very idealistic point of view and are failing to consider nuances connected with it. When you buy Puma shoes or Adidas or Nike, You do not think about the quality of the shoe, the length, or the precision of corners, But you think “How are they going to look on you?” "How you are going to feel looking yourself with them?" It is a story that is true in your reality.
So, Businesses when built around the wants of people, That how people feel about things and thinking from their point of view is giving opportunity for people to start and go ahead in the business world. But also, one (Businesses) must keep the promise to make people feel how they wanted and should not fail in that mission of making feel what they want. This argument may sound like a pleasing people type of business model or a little immoral but it is not, there is a thin line that differentiates pleasing people and this whole talk. That difference is bought in the argument when you get successful in making that promise to make people feel the way they wanted to and not breaking the expectation they had when they choose what you were providing.  
That is the reason, small viable audience works. Because the majority of the audience are satisfied with what they have (They ignore), it is the weird audience that resonated with your weirdness and is willing to come to you because they believe you can make them feel what they wanted to feel.  That is also one of the reasons that beauty industries work, Most of you do not care who Models are/what celebrities wear/how they look/ or who Kardashians are, but the weird/narcissist/insecure/etc. people who fall in such category care and are ready to get in it. Most of us, do not care about deciding ten different types of make-up/outfit and that is fine with the beauty industry, they are not after you actually. Even if we say, it is selling insecurity, but it is false in your reality because there is again, no truth objectively, there is a story you believe in or not. Definitely, it may seem dark, But it is working because some people demand it, if you feel insecure, it is something you have to deal with actually because you cannot impose your truth on someone who does not want to resonate with it. Most of the time it does not work if you try to change others’ truth. 

There is no reason for us to promote the beauty industry or insecurity selling businesses here, what "people like us" do here is to ignore because we do not care about it, we know our truth is we are not those weird/insecure/narcissists, etc.