Social media understands the concept of people’s feelings. It also knows clearly that people like points, likes, comments, and things that feel like popularity. Social media companies have kept that algorithm for profit. The profit comes from engagement, and engagement comes from rewarding outrage. Outrage means more traffic and more masses.
Like there is a winner in a game, they have created this stage for people to play where you win by being notorious/outrageous. But that is not how the real world actually works.
The people who are successful/happy in your industry/community/tribes/groups are not and never act like the way influencers on social media do. In actual reality, these influencers have given lesser time in knowledge/studies than the time Greta Thunberg has given in attending school. The majority of influencers available, hardly have any potential to talk about things, which are based on facts/logic/thinking. Think about it, your HR or your company is not rewarding the person who can make noise and grab attention in social media, but they are after people who are actually someone that can create value.
What would happen if the crash comes to Facebook and similar types of social media companies? It seems impossible, but so was the case with the 2008 crisis of Lehman Brothers. No one expected it to happen. But in a world where people are getting more and more concerned about improvising their own life and giving less thought about useless social media tensions, Is there not a possibility that such social media companies need to worry about?
Actually. It is not about the whole Facebook crash as a whole company, it is about the crash of that part of Facebook which claims to be a company that connects people, But as time goes, somewhere in life, people will realize they better focus on their life, rather than worrying about outrage. Not to forget, those “somewhere in Life” time/moment is different for different people. For some, it may be their adult life, and for some, it may be their young/teenage life.
For now, who knows? But it is a POSSIBILITY.