Capitalism, Charging more than the utility, Narcissism.

One of a lot of things that US is pathetic at is medical bills and charging more than real utility.
The capitalism and the people who brag about a full capitalistic society is more efficient and better than socialism, liberalism, etc. does not realize that: The bill that you pay for medical facility is US is almost as expensive as of a net worth of a person (and lot of people’s net worth will be equal to the bill they will have after a critical surgery or a medical procedure "in US") in the Country itself.
The thing is Government at some level should and must interfere, because if they don’t the human is such a disgusting creature that it won’t hold back anything to take money out of the others. Just like Byju’s has done these things in Ed-tech sector. (it is an organization which has done nothing more than scams and shown the face of evil marketing)
Imagining, you went to the hospital, where everyone there involved in making money right from the bed you use there to the high level of medical procedures, not holding back even a bit to take the maximum possible amount of wealth from the patient, just seems disgusting, but also makes us think why it even is happening?
Is not the meaning of medical facility or hospitals, to treat and cure your illness to make you well, and then charge you for the treatment that is reasonable objectively?
Is it to charge and get the maximum amount of cash from the patient?
Does such high level of price for medical treatment signify that we are patient or does it signify we are customers?
The thing that US and some other western countries has shown the world what they are is that “they are the standard bearer of narcissism” who thinks everything we do or provide is something of much importance (obviously not every person, it is in a general sense. It is not for every person living in Western countries but it is a general thing which we observe.). Even the content creators think their courses are worth buying, because we are very important and what we say and give the world has meaning. It is narcissism that convinces a person who is on youtube or any form of content creator to think that my course is worth for everybody.
Even colleges are worse, charging such high does not mean they are the perfect candidate for the xyz work, but it just presents that a person to enter these types of colleges must have done an insane amount of hard work along with having a great sense of selling their resume which has a high level of achievements across diverse fields and so as we have scarcity of such people, people coming out these colleges are qualified or competent for almost any type of organizations.
But, the incubators/startup-funds/statistics point us to this article: (Startup fund Y Combinator increases global reach, diversity of entrepreneurs:). That even people from across the world not having gone to prestigious universities like that of US, still are nailing it, in this game. And so, it really points us to the question that; Is that really as worthy as you are charging people, or you just charged extra to show that your thing is something of importance which comes from narcissism?