Vibrant Persona’s hardly say anything.

A vibrant persona that is built around something, does not make it easy for people to have a skeptical/negative point of view and give balanced feedback of what they think about?
 It is obvious that people around the world know that there is no scarcity of scammers and fake people/ideas. Yet, we do not see any proper criticism of those ideas/people, which is constructive in a way that is necessary to stop the amplification of such ideas/people.
An innumerable amount of motivational (an industry that is filled with money and greedy plus immature people) speakers are available, yet people still cannot bring in an idea that “If depressed, if lonely, if having an anxiety, a counselor is better options than an un-educated immature motivational speaker who has solutions about things that were not even asked for.”
The one thing that every last person on the earth is good at, is their own feelings. Every one of us knows, how to play the tic tac toe game online. But, very few of us know How to design/build one.
“Expertise” has its value because it is earned. When diagnosed with cancer, most of us would for sure prefer the person with expertise, not someone who is involved in saying and posting about those things/googling/making vibrant persona around with their evil marketing.  
Every one of us is entitled to feelings of our own and giving suggestions from our point of view, But can you and Do you earn the expertise?
In the end, what matters is not the vibrant persona about your greatness and feelings, But it is about, Does your Boat make it to the Port?
You do not need to know/read/listen about Michelle Obama, etc. just because you think you are someone starting from the bottom and you have to watch someone who started from the bottom. Do not give that pathetic suggestion to yourself to read about these people if your only argument is “These people came from the bottom, and so they are inspiring.”. Most of the people around the world are starting from the Bottom and achieved things on their own, Maybe you are fooling around with your feelings because they have a vibrant persona and maybe you resist your honest opinion like “I do not find anything important from them” because of that vibrant persona.